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Managing an alumni network

What is the Alumni Member Experience?

Sadhana ran the award-winning Barclays Global Alumni programme, created the London Alumni Directors Forum and continues to share Alumni Management...

Managing an alumni network

10 Best Alumni Networks

The alumni networks that have been the most successful at driving engagement, strengthening relationships and providing the most value for their...

Managing an alumni network

Why Have an Alumni Program?

The former Managing Director in Citibank’s Corporate and Investment Bank shares his experiences building the company’s EMEA alumni program.

Boomerang hires

What Is A Boomerang Employee?

A Boomerang Employee is someone who returns to work for their former employer. The ROI on a boomerang hire has been detailed in our recent research...

Managing an alumni network

Being A Great Corporate Alumni Manager

To maintain a relationship with your corporate alumni for sales & recruitment, having the right team in place to drive your engagement is critical.

Managing an alumni network

The 2023 Importance Of Alumni Relations

Corporate alumni relations are now at the forefront. Businesses are asking how to use their alumni program to better support ex-employees.

Managing an alumni network

10 Alumni Website Tips For 2023

As we dive into a new year and many organizations engage with us to launch their Alumni Website, it is important to recognize how others are...

Boomerang hires

Why Retirees are an Untapped Pool of Talent

Recent research shows a clear trend for retirees returning to the workplace. Retired alumni are an untapped source of talent that HR leaders taking...

Boomerang hires

Being a Boomerang Pays – for Everyone

Visier data shows bringing back an ex-employee not only makes financial sense for them (with an average 28% pay rise), but it's good for your...

Employee engagement

Why Carry Out An Alumni Engagement Survey?

An alumni engagement survey is the best way to understand your alumni and position them as a source of rehires. Here are 6 reasons why you should run...

Employee engagement

6 Virtual Alumni Engagement Ideas

One of the biggest questions when setting up a virtual alumni network are how best to keep your alums engaged. Here are 6 ideas for boosting...

Employee engagement

How to Create Online Community Engagement

As leaders, it may be difficult to identify what is meaningful and what isn't. Learn how Alumni Community Leaders can drive meaningful member...

Managing an alumni network

How To Approach The Alumni Digital Experience

From lead acquisition to conversion to engagement, organizations should approach the alumni digital experience in the same way they would for...

Managing an alumni network

Alumni Definition: The Reality

An Alumnus is an individual who has had a prior formal relationship with an organization of some form (corporate, non-profit, educational).

Managing an alumni network

Alumna, Alum-me-not… Alumni and Belonging

As we think in terms of the boundaryless organisation, we understand more deeply the central and ongoing role that our alumni play in their wellbeing

Managing an alumni network

Corporate Alumni Program: 9 Best Practices

Best Practices to deploying an engaging and successful corporate alumni program that delivers value to the Alumni population and drives business...


Moving from Employee to Customer

Engaging Alumni to drive bottom-line impact in the retail and food-service industry is critical. Look at a departing employee as a promotion to...

Boomerang hires

Women Returners In The Workforce

A survey identified that over 420,000 professional-level women are currently taking career breaks and were ready to return as boomerang hires.


The Power Of Corporate Alumni Networks

Are Alumni Networks Valuable? What do Tesla, YouTube and LinkedIn all have in common? They were all created by the alumni of one company – PayPal.

Managing an alumni network

Your Alumni Network Is Your Net Worth

Do companies actively recognize the value of a strong alumni network? Your employees - past, current, and future - are the core of your company's...


Alumni: The Untapped Workforce

It's time that corporate alumni take their place at the table, fully recognized as a force to be cultivated and nurtured - as well as reckoned with.

Managing an alumni network

What Does 'Corporate Alumni Platform' Mean?

A Corporate Alumni Platform for the Enterprise means it works as part of the ecosystem, is simple to integrate, access & operate and doesn't live in...

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