Creating caring staffing solutions through alumni networks

We understand the staffing challenges facing the healthcare sector. Our alumni networks meet this and deepen the relationship with your former employees.


Building a reliable network

If you’re facing staffing shortages and need to ensure any new recruits have the right training, an alumni network should be a key part of your talent strategy. At EnterpriseAlumni we’ve worked with healthcare firms to ensure they don’t lose access to talented staff.

We also know the power an alumni network can have on your employer brand - letting staff know you care about them beyond the lifetime of their employer contract maximizes that relationship and promotes your brand to future employees.

Medical Network

Case Study

We work with the healthcare industry to create alumni networks that provide real value to their former employees.

One brand we worked with had identified the problem of hiring specially trained talent. They identified that hiring alumni would not only provide them staff with the correct qualifications but would also accelerate the time to productivity as alumni already knew the business. We got their network live within ten days and 10% of alumni had applied for a job within the first few months.


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