At EnterpriseAlumni we recognise the importance of security for regulated institutions

From global banks to major asset managers, we’ve been building alumni networks for the finance sector for over a decade.


Building Your Alumni Network

Whether it’s finding team members with the right skills at the right time or swiftly adapting to the changing regulatory environment, at EnterpriseAlumni we know how to build an alumni network that works for your business. We understand the security and data protection required and are proud to be trusted by some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

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Case Study

EnterpriseAlumni is proud to power the alumni network of one of the world’s best known banks. With 220,000 staff around the globe, this bank has a consistent need for top talent. Since working with us up to 20% of all hires have come from its alumni network. When they hire this way they save on average $75,000 per hire.  

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A word from our customer

“There is significant value in the technology provided; the analytics and dashboards can give me tremendous insights into how much money we are saving through the network. ”

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