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Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Program As A Tool For Recruiting Millennials

Recruiting millennials can be a tall order. Find out why your corporate alumni program is a tool to attract them to your business.

Recruiting millennials can be a tall order. Known as the job-hopping generation, they change companies three times more often than members of other generations, according to a recent Gallup report. In fact, their turnover cost is pretty high – it shakes down the US economy for at least $30.5 billion every year. 

However, the very same traits that make millennials prone to jumping ship also happen to make them exceptional employees. They are passionate, digitally engaged, multi-tasking mavens who are resourceful, innovative, and connected. They want to be aligned with company culture and feel a sense of purpose in their jobs, and when they do, they shine.

As such, it pays to recruit Millennials to bolster your team. That’s if you can offer them the kind of environment that inspires them to bring their unique talents to the table. Interestingly enough, one of the best things you can do to attract these somewhat finicky all-stars is to plan for their exit even before they come for their first interview. This is where the human impact of a well-tailored alumni program comes in.

Recruiting Millennials With Your Secret Weapon: Your Alumni Program

Here’s why an engaging corporate alumni platform can make all the difference when you recruit Millennials in 2021 and beyond:

1. It Leaves the Door Open For Future Collaboration

Millennials don’t want a job for life; they want to learn and grow. By placing your alumni program front and center as a perk of working at your company, you show them that there won’t be any hard feelings if they choose to move on at a later stage. This type of approach is a lot more attractive to members of a generation that can quickly feel stifled and smothered when employers try to lock them down.

2. Mentorship Opportunities Are Very Attractive  

Millennials understand the value of good mentorship. If you can use your alumni program as a platform to match retirees who have particular skill sets to younger employees who want to hone their craft, it will definitely be a big drawcard knowing that they have access to this unrivaled expertise.

Get the ball rolling by arranging talks, seminars, or webinars with ex-employees as keynote speakers as a way to share knowledge and introduce potential mentors to your current team. It also provides the speakers with a welcome platform to position themselves as experts in their field.

3. Authentic Interaction Inspires Them

Millennials can sniff out a carefully calibrated pitch in a heartbeat, so don’t try to win them over with an alumni program that functions as a glorified mailing list.

However, if your platform is a space of authentic interaction where current and prior employees can connect, share resources, and keep in touch after they’ve moved on to help each other in their careers, you can bet your bottom dollar it will appeal to this crowd in a big way.

One good way to stimulate interaction on your alumni platform is to task your community manager with ‘building bridges.’ For example, if someone asks a question about investment opportunities, the community manager could tag relevant members who are involved in suitable projects or may know where the original poster could get more information.

4. It Speaks To An Attractive Company Culture

Company culture is one of the main points that millennials consider when applying for a job. They feel very strongly about working in environments where the values, mission, and vision align with their own and will quickly move on if the general ‘vibe’ is not to their liking. This includes companies that shun the ex-employees who decided to move on to explore new opportunities.

By establishing and nurturing an alumni community, your company shows it is open to new ways of working and that the atmosphere is one of open-ended collaboration, rather than being painted into a corner. When recruiting millennials, this type of culture is highly prized among the adventure-seeking generation and is likely to be very appealing to top candidates who value the ability to pave their own way.

5. It’s A Welcome Opportunity To Build Their Personal Brand

Millennials want the opportunity to be invested and impactful in their organizations, no matter whether they are hired as an intern or as a C-suite exec. This forms part of their innate desire to build their personal brand and grow professionally both inside and outside of the office. These values are inherent in businesses that focus on maintaining a relationship with their alumni.

For instance, if they can see that your business commends alumni who go on to achieve great things and uses the program to connect successful ex-employees to collaborate on new projects. This will definitely make your company very attractive as an employer. See it as a part of the long game in showcasing your values and setting the stage for profitable engagement when these star players step aboard.

6. It Appeals To Their Philanthropic Side

Many alumni communities use their platforms to band together to do good in the world. You will often see that members of these communities come together to support charitable causes, whether it be marching for equal rights, building homes, running or cycling in fundraising races, etc.

When this is the case, and an alumni group is vocal about it. Prospective millennial job applicants can tell that there will be scope for them to contribute their time and energy in a positive way outside of their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. This is very appealing to a generation who is known for standing up for what they believe in and being vocal about societal injustices in general.

Final Thoughts

Leverage your corporate alumni program as a tool for recruiting millennials by giving them a sense of purpose, providing opportunities for growth, getting social, making company culture a priority, helping them build a personal brand, and providing them with the opportunity to do good in the world.

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