With years of experience building alumni networks, we know what works. We’ll provide you with the insights to make effective decisions and boost your engagement.


People-Centric Analytics

effective decision-making

Actionable Insights

  • Run your alumni network on data, not guesswork
  • Our insights let you know what works for your network
  • Use our automation tools to provide timely reporting
  • Export data to PDF for improved sharing
Actionable Insights

Evaluate Program Performance

  • Evaluate how your network is performing against other alumni programs
  • Use the data to shape your engagement strategy
Programme insights


real-time data


  • Real Time Snapshot of Your Alumni Network
  • See the big picture and then drill into the details
  • Instantly see your network’s size, new sign ups, job applicants and more
Snapshot insights
Engagement Analytics

Build Alumni Engagement

  • Understand your alumni’s behavior with in-depth analytics
  • Use these analytics to find what works for your alumni
  • Reports include unique visitors, conversion rates and time on page
Engagement insights
Insights at Individual Level

Understand Individual Alumni Behavior

  • See what an individual has interacted with
  • Target specific job ads, rewards or events towards them based on their behavior
Individual Insights

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