Use Cases: Talent Acquisition

Alumni and referrals are the #1 and #3 sources of quality hires

An engaged alumni network gives you direct access to boomerang hires and boosts your referral rate. Our clients save money on recruitment fees by hiring directly from their alumni networks, and those hires then have a much shorter time to productivity.

Talent acquisition

Rehire Departed Talent

The idea of a job for life is over: all businesses must accept that their most talented employees will probably leave at some point. However, an alumni network allows you to hire them back when a suitable role arises. A well-designed alumni program can generate as many as 17% of all new hires (at Sodexo it’s 20%!) and Boomerang hires see a 44% higher retention rate over 3 years than stranger-hires

Rehire Departed Talent

Save on Recruitment Fees

Stranger-hires can be costly and time-consuming. When you’re hiring large numbers of people, the fees can add up and you have no guarantee that they’ll actually be the best person for the job. Our search tools let you use your alumni network to find talent with exactly the skills you need, exactly when you need them, without paying a headhunter. One customer saves up to $75,000 on each senior hire when they recruit from their alumni.

Get an idea of the value that an alumni offers you with our online calculator.

Save on Recruitment Fees

Active Job-Seeker Community

79% of corporate alumni would return to their former employee given the chance. And 88% of alumni network members would recommend a friend for a job there.

Don’t wait for candidates to come to you. Alumni are actively looking for opportunities to reconnect with your company, and our platform ensures they know about the roles you have available.

Active Job-Seeker Community

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