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6 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Alumni Network Platform For Your Business

Looking at implementing an alumni network platform? Read our guide about the six questions to ask when going through the selection process.

Establishing a corporate alumni network is proven to be a highly effective way to enhance organizational capabilities. These include employee recruitment, workforce flexibility, knowledge retention, and organizational culture. 

A corporate alumni network is also a way for companies to provide cutting-edge digital experiences for their employees - something Salesforce says 64% of consumer and business buyers regard as top of the list. 

With that in mind, and with so many software solutions available to manage your business alumni network, what are the must-haves? And what are the nice-to-haves? It comes down to your operational needs, your budget, and how much you are invested in making an alumni network work for you. 

Six Questions To Ask When Selecting An Alumni Network Platform 

1. Can It Actively Recruit from the Alumni Pool?

Alumni recruiting is more than simply targeting suitable alumni for rehire (boomerang employees). Using the platform’s recruitment features, you want to drive referrals that will empower your alumni to start a conversation about returning to your organization.

With an AI-driven recommendations engine, it's easy for any alumni thinking about returning to your organization to find their right opportunity.

Alumni Network Platform

An advanced recruiter dashboard should provide the tools needed to enable insights and analysis into your alumni population and their second-degree connections. This in turn will increase invitations and referrals from which you can start your recruiting journeys. 

2. How Good Is The Data Management?

A complete member directory is the cornerstone of an alumni network. This data is centralized to enable you to manage and export it with ease. With CRM and social-media integrations, information can be easily updated by either the manager or the user.

Your alumni directory should be searchable and offer filters that assist others in finding and connecting throughout the organization. Filters can be based on the group, location, industry, or any other custom fields.  

High on your data management wish list is an interactive, visual map that displays the location and other vital information of employees. This makes them hyper-findable in a visual format. 

3. Does It Integrate With Leading Platforms?

Today, employees are spending more time using apps such as MS Teams, Workplace, Slack, and instant messaging systems. These conversational interfaces have become natural ways to communicate, enabling all HR-related applications to operate in the flow of work.

Your alumni network platform should allow for single-click integrations into these applications. Seamless integration allows applications to synchronize data, configure flexible and intelligent workflows, and automate business processes. 

Other helpful integrations include Workday, Adobe Suite, SharePoint, WordPress, Salesforce, Eventbrite, SmartRecruiters, Slack, Microsoft suite of products, Hootsuite, and Oracle. 

Alumni Network Platform

Your alumni network platform should be flexible enough to make space for new products that come into the market. 

4. Does It Provide Detailed Analytics And Reporting?

Your alumni network software needs to provide a suite of analytics and reports that inform business intelligence. These include real-time insights, funnel reporting, conversion reporting, and predictive analytics.

  • Analytics and reporting capabilities that deliver real-time insight are essential to help you understand your users, how they are engaging, and the most relevant activities and content that are driving value.
  • Funnel reporting allows your customers to identify outlier opportunities. This targets specific habits and user segments and results in increased engagement.
  • Conversion reporting enables platform managers to view site actions in real-time. Users can then be directly aligned to business objectives such as recruiting, sharing content socially, or referring to a business opportunity.
  • Predictive analytics combine alumni user data with 3rd party data, such as from social sites or public data sources. By leveraging AI and machine learning, it enables managers to more effectively predict potential user behaviors and experiences. 

5. Does The Platform Meet Security And Trust Standards?

A secure alumni network platform is essential for safeguarding user privacy and corporate data. The platform you choose needs to be regularly audited to ensure that it meets the latest local and global compliance and security standards for data security and privacy regulations.

This is important because we live in a world where data regulations change on a continuous basis. Your alumni platform must keep pace with these regulatory changes to provide privacy capabilities and best practices for your community. These certificates are non-negotiable: 

Privacy And Compliance Certificates

Alumni Network Platform

These certifications along with the platform, application, and operational controls, are designed to support customers’ IT requirements as well as provide robust, ongoing vulnerability assessments of the application and network.

6. Does The Platform Provide For Personalization?

Your platform should have a personalized dashboard that is accessible across all devices and ensures that each user only sees what is relevant to them. This will help to avoid disengagement

Your alumni platform needs to be intelligent, meaning that it knows who your alumni are, where they are, and what they’re interested in. From here, personalization becomes easy. 

Consider, for instance, that alumni in New York don’t want to know about drinks parties in Paris or seminars in Toronto. Former CEOs will want to interact with a different peer group than former interns. And retirees are not interested in graduate recruitment opportunities. 

Knowing your alumni will make their experience applicable and personal. 

Choosing EnterpriseAlumni 

Top firms choose Enterprise Alumni to recruit talent, provide contextual experiences, automate workflows and gain valuable market intelligence. The result is the strong, impactful connections they have built with their alumni networks.

What sets EnterpriseAlumni apart is our commitment to flexibility, customization, and the speed of innovation. This is combined on a platform that focuses on the experience and ever-changing needs of an alumni community. 

We welcome the opportunity to show you the EnterpriseAlumni difference.

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