Use Cases: Revenue

People like to buy from people they know. Alumni are no different

Your alumni network is an untapped source of new business opportunities. Research shows that members of an alumni network want to support their former employer – and they want you to succeed.


Alumni Drive Revenue

Your alumni network is an instant source of potential customers. Our research shows that 83% of people in an alumni network would buy from their former employer and that they are 45% more likely to do so than those outside of an alumni network.
Keeping your former employees up to date on ways you they can work with you is a simple way of building brand loyalty.


Alumni Bring New Connections

Members of an alumni network already know your business and the service you provide. So it’s unsurprising that 79% of them would refer business to a former employer. An engaged alumni network feel loyalty to their former employer. They want to see your business succeed and to be a part of that success, even after they’ve left. 

Brand Ambassadors

Alumni Have More Value

Our research shows that members of an alumni network are 41% more likely to advocate for their former employer than those outside of an alumni network. An active and engaging network will turn alumni into brand advocates and those brand advocates are worth 5x more than the average customer. Our platform lets you engage on a deeper level with alumni.


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