Alumni Redefined

All our features are designed to optimize your connection with your alumni community, all while minimizing the effort spent on database management.

We're committed to continuous innovation, enhancing the alumni experience, and making your role easier. 

Alumni Redefined
Data enrichment

Next-level Knowledge 

We take care of the management part of Alumni Relations. Our platform allows for the live updating of data, without you having to do anything. No more emails chasing alumni for their latest job titles or worrying that the information you hold is out of date. 

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Alumni benefit

Adding Meaningful Value

Elevate your alumni engagement beyond the ordinary. With EnterpriseAlumni, you can do more than just engage – you can add genuine value. For example, our platform empowers you to help alumni plan their next career move with CareerRoadmap, broaden their job horizons through CareerRecruiter, and provide exclusive perks in the Marketplace.

We let you become the most important company in your alumni's career.

Adding Meaningful Value

Connect Your Network

We want to make running an alumni network easy, so we designed our platform to seamlessly connect your systems for a single source of truth. Our inclusive pricing covers key integrations, whether natively to your HRIS, CRM, ATS or countless others via Zapier.

Experience the power of automation and enhanced efficiency, all without the heavy lifting.

customer success

Turnkey Solutions

Launching an alumni network doesn't have to be challenging. Our experienced Customer Success team collaborates with you to define your objectives and craft a tailored action plan to achieve them. You can anticipate periodic check-ins to assess your progress, provide guidance if needed, and share best practices and insights from industry peers.

Alternatively, our comprehensive Managed Services solution can handle everything – from building your network to consistently managing communications and addressing alumni inquiries

Turnkey Solutions
Data Privacy

Security & Compliance 

EnterpriseAlumni sets the gold standard in security and compliance. We have a dedicated Security and Compliance team working around the clock to ensure our platform, as well as all user data, is secure through our Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Our commitment to maintaining robust security and privacy controls is ensured through annual audits for standards including ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2 and Cyber Essentials+, as well as annual penetration testing.

Security & Compliance
data analytics

Real-time Insights 

Unlock the potential of your network with our cutting-edge data analytics solutions. Advanced Insights, powered by Matomo, ensures 100% data ownership and GDPR compliance while providing deep user insights. Plus, our seamless integration with PowerBI empowers you to shape strategies, monitor KPIs, and collaborate effectively.

Gain a true understanding of your network's performance and make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Real-time Insights
Profile Preview

Beyond LinkedIn 

We are the only alumni platform with LinkedIn profile previews. No more switching back and forth between websites to truly understand someone’s career history: you can view information coming straight from LinkedIn.

The platform's so good, LinkedIn chooses EnterpriseAlumni to power its own alumni network. 

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ios & android

Stay Mobile

We go where your alumni are. Our platform works seamlessly across all devices, allowing your alumni to read messages, respond to invites or live chat with their colleagues no matter where they are. They also have access to our directory, groups and careers features.

EnterpriseAlumni is designed to be an immersive experience, keeping your alumni coming back for more.

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