Managed Services

Running an alumni network can feel time-consuming. Perhaps you don’t have the time or internal resource? Our Managed Services team brings together the most experienced alumni managers in the industry to grow, engage and run your network for you.

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The Team

The Corporate Alumni sector is still relatively new so it can be hard to find people with the right experience. Our Managed Services team have decades of experience running some of the world’s leading alumni networks. They’ll work with you from the moment you join EnterpriseAlumni to ensure your network thrives.

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How We Do It

We want your network to be a success. We’ll work with you to create a three year plan guided by clear KPIs. Our Managed Services team will constantly measure the network against those targets. They will then evolve and execute the plan for you. We’re with you every step of the way.

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Community Growth

The continuous growth of your community is the first foundation for success in alumni programs. As part of the Managed Services solution, EnterpriseAlumni will build this marketing plan for you and continuously evolve it based on real performance data.

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Creating Content

Whether your intention is to use the EnterpriseAlumni platform primarily for outbound communications or build a vibrant online community, content is important to engage your audience. As part of the managed service EnterpriseAlumni will create and evolve your content plan, agreeing each month which pieces of content should be created.

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Building Engagement

From events to newsletters, regular interaction with your community is key to building engagement. Our team will create a newsletter and events strategy for you. Coming up with regular communications and events aligned with your strategy and KPIs. From event titles to newsletter cadence, we’ll handle it.

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