Creating life-long relationships with your employees

We understand the power of brand loyalty. An alumni network lets you tap into that loyalty with your staff, even after they’ve moved on.


A network of connections

The retail industry has faced a decade of fast-paced change and a consistent demand for its teams to adapt with it. We know the difference staff make to your customer experience and the power of strong brand ambassadors. At EnterpriseAlumni we will build you an alumni network which truly taps into the power of your people and deepens their connection with your brand.

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Case Study

Working with us, one leading retailer had 10,000 sign-ups in the first year of their alumni network. They use it not only to recruit experienced staff but also to build brand ambassadors and increase revenue. They know alumni are also customers and so we built them a platform which allows them to track the spending habits of their alumni and provide them with exclusive deals and offers.

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Melanie Turner
A word from our customer

“The EnterpriseAlumni team migrated our 50,000 users from our old site to their new platform and handled everything, their team thought about every step, had support people at the ready and made managing our complex setup with chapters and leaders and groups across the globe really easy.”

Alumni Administrator

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