Talent Pool

The EnterpriseAlumni platform allows you to create a pre-qualified talent pool, filled with candidates that you already know and like. Unlock the power of data with our fully automated and customizable system.

The exclusive LinkedIn Profile Preview (LPP) feature gives users a preview of an alumnus' public LinkedIn profile, including photo, summary, location, connections, experience, and recent posts - all within the EnterpriseAlumni platform.

Talent Pools Portrait - Talent Pools
Talent Pools

Create Talent Opportunity

  • Create automated workflows and custom reporting
  • Our platform lets you interrogate the data
  • Use this data to drive recruitment decisions
Create Talent Opportunity

Match Opportunities with Talent

  • Easily identify ideal candidates
  • Build groups of active applicants
  • Share talent across your teams 
Match Opportunities with Talent

Bring Alumni to You

  • Personalize job adverts to specific alumni
  • Enable one-click apply via ATS integration 
  • Increase referrals through alumni recommendations
One-click apply

Know Your Candidates

  • Customize candidate data according to your needs
  • Get the most up-to-date info on individuals with the exclusive LinkedIn Profile Preview (LPP)
  • Customizable registration forms to get the richest data
Exclusive LinkedIn Profile Preview (LPP)
Inspiration and guidance


  • Off-boarding/ transition support with subsequent career advice 
  • Effective job acquisition: AI-generated cover letter and suggested interview questions 
  • Updated and accurate talent pool

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