Starting your Alumni Program

How Alumni Platforms aid corporate re-entry programmes

Corporate alumni platforms are a vital step in enabling a re-entry program, re-engaging people who have had a career break or absence from your firm.

Corporate alumni platforms are a vital step in enabling a re-entry program - re-engaging people who have had a career break or absence from your firm. It’s a way to say ‘we get it, it’s daunting, but you are important to us, so let’s do this together.’

The need to find more talent is a global challenge. On the other side of the equation, professionals interested in returning to the workforce after a long break may feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Both parties may fear that their skills are obsolete, especially with the pace at which technology is evolving.

A corporate alumni platform is the perfect vehicle through which professionals and corporates can reconnect and alleviate concerns and apprehensions both parties may have. A vibrant, intelligent alumni platform can catalyze and enhance engaging those returning from a career break and can:

  1. Soften the blow. Ramping back into the workforce after a break can be a challenge. Alumni platforms provide a reminder of company culture, goals and opportunities in an accessible and informal way that can help ease people back into a professional mindset.

  2. Provide mentors. EnterpriseAlumni can connect mentors and mentees, allowing those at the company to be connected to those contemplating a potential return.

  3. Positively promote culture. An alumni platform is a useful way to share a corporate culture and the ethics of the company brand.

  4. Give access to learning. Companies gather vast amounts of learning that can be useful to those currently outside of the workforce. Alumni platforms can host the information and make sure those interested in upgrading and updating their knowledge can do so at their pace.

  5. Reconnect people with their professional self. Events shared through an alumni network are a great way to ease back into the workforce. Companies can share information and offers on conferences and other gatherings to meet new colleagues, hear the latest news and network with people with common professional and personal interests.

  6. Intelligently suggest job opportunities. Whether contingent labor opportunities or a full-time job compels, professionals, can use the alumni platform to find roles that may suit and interest them and apply directly. Less aggressive than job sites and the company have helpful data to help assess whether that professional would suit the role.

  7. Boost self-belief. Returners often undervalue what they can offer the company. Engaging them on an alumni platform, in a forum they are welcome, could help increase confidence and offer energy for their job search.

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