Achieving Alumni Excellence

Alumni: The Untapped Workforce

It's time that corporate alumni take their place at the table, fully recognized as a force to be cultivated and nurtured - as well as reckoned with.

One of the great advantages of your Alumni Talent Pool is that you have qualified data around their performance, competencies, and learnings … all validated and confirmed. That’s gold dust. 

The reduction in cost for your organization in temp contractor or agencies fees, the improvement in the quality of your hires, hiring performers who are a seamless fit; these all represent major cost savings, are culture enhancing and more importantly, likely lead to better results too.

Much has been written about unraveling the hidden powers behind your workforce. Helping your employees evolve and fulfill their full potential. Retaining great talent, motivating emerging talent and unleashing new talent.

But what about unleashing a whole new workforce? A previously untapped, powerful group of people who already know your business. And who you know too, because they’ve worked for you before.

It's beyond time that alumni take their place at the table, recognized as a force to be cultivated, nurtured and reckoned with. This rich source of people who know your business but don’t currently work for you, previously hard to reach, are now being brought together in new inclusive communities that offer opportunity, access, thought leadership, mentoring and professional growth - all on platforms such as EnterpriseAlumni.

We often hear about the contingent workforce - the pool of labor who are hired on an on-demand basis, consisting of freelancers, contractors, and consultants not on the company’s payroll. Who better to fill a vacant position or join on a part-time or project basis than your alumni? Those people you invested time and resource in and who, in leaving, are now even more experienced in their field.

Want to access a resource in a specific country? Need expertise on a niche topic? Looking for accomplished retirees to nurture star performers? Keen to cultivate relationships with employees after they’ve left as much as whilst they work for you? Want to create a thriving community of people who can interact with each other as well as your company? Want to harness the talent and experience your alumni have accrued? Looking to evolve how you source and build new business opportunities?

Look to your Alumni. And look to technology to help you create a vibrant hub that creates a bond between you and current and past employees. Friends who are staying in touch, for all the right reasons.

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