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The Human Impact of a Corporate Alumni Program

For most organizations, the business case for an Alumni Program is driven by Key Performance Indicators that advance Return On Investment: Showcasing how leveraging Alumni for recruiting, sales, employer brand and business development can be […]

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How To Survey Your Network To Supercharge Alumni Engagement

A powerful thing for businesses to do when they are looking to supercharge engagement in their alumni networks is to survey the people in them. Essentially, conducting an alumni survey is a complementary method of […]

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How To Pivot Your Alumni Outreach Strategy To Support Business Recovery

Understandably, business recovery is on just about every business owner’s mind at the moment; there is little that COVID-19 has not impacted in some way. Temporary business closures are turning into permanent closures throughout the […]

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The Job Of An Alumni Network: How To Ensure It’s A Value Driver For Your Community

When your alumni turn to your community to achieve one of their goals, consider why they decided this was their best option; what was the value driver? Think about the job that they are hiring […]

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The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program

Building a business case to launch an Alumni Program or trying to create additional budget for your existing program? Why do Alumni Communities for many organizations seem like a disposable nice to have vs a […]

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5 Steps To Develop An Engaging Alumni Content Strategy

Having a corporate alumni content strategy in place is vital if you want your online community to grow and thrive. While it’s all good and well to do things on the fly and see how […]

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How To Use Your Corporate Alumni Community As a Strategic Resource To Support The Business

Many businesses view their corporate alumni community as an interesting network with mentorship or recruitment opportunities at best. But in reality, these networks can do so much more. Weaving this community into your company strategy […]

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How to Create Online Community Engagement

What would it feel like to lead a community where members engaged without any effort on your part? Where each day, members posted hundreds of questions, stories, and self-organized events, and others responded within minutes […]


Alumni Engagement: Moving From Virtual Events To Virtual Experiences

Technology is enabling virtual events, but how can you blend the physical with digital to really capture your community’s imagination? To really make your mark and stand out from the crowd you’ll need to invest […]


3 ways to accelerate your company’s speed to skill

And yes, one is alumni: hire boomerangs! Lots of ink has been spilled about the shortage of digital talent and how companies have to reengineer their recruitment and learning programs to attract and retrain staff […]

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Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program (10-27-20) EP7-FEature image

The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program

Alumni Leadership Series: The Transactional Dilemma Of A Corporate Alumni Program In this episode of the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni is joined by panelists Carrie Melissa Jones and Lisa Morris for […]