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Corporate Alumni Programs: Impact On Your Global Recruiting Strategy

The significant investment companies place into finding a needle in a haystack is not only the standard position for many organizations, but this investment is significantly antiquated, underwhelming in results and a legacy method of Stranger recruiting […]

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Bringing In Your Corporate Retirees For Organizational Guidance During COVID-19 Crisis

It’s unprecedented times for the world as we navigate the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. Given the current complex business landscape, some organizations have called upon their corporate retirees temporarily to provide guidance through it. Here’s why […]

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Corporate Alumni Leaders: Phone Your Talent Acquisition Teams Now; They Need Your Alumni Army

This article is converted from an e-mail we sent to our Alumni Leaders Community and our customers. We wanted to broaden the conversation by posting this further and wider, knowing that a company’s workforce can […]

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Engaging Your Alumni Virtually – How To Transition Your In-Person Events Online

Virtual events and bringing people together in the comfort of their PJs is a pre-requisite to a strong Alumni program, whether this is small gatherings of like-minded people, fireside chats, or webinars. However, with the […]

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How To Transform Alumni Into Powerful Brand Advocates Who Attract Talent To Your Business

Leading organizations across the globe enjoy greater ROI on recruiting programs when focusing on Known Person Recruiting. As a hiring methodology, this involves filling a role with a former employee, qualified referral, or candidate who […]

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10 Reasons Why Boomerang Employees Are Your Company’s Most Valuable Human Resource

It is safe to say that most people in the world have received an unsolicited recruitment email in their inboxes at some point. While this is common practice, how effective is this strategy in really […]

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How Alumni Programs Drive 6X ROI On Your Recruitment Program

The recruitment industry is gaining complexity with the abundance of tools and platforms to source, track, qualify and engage with prospective candidates. Many of these focus on hiring people with no previous link to the […]

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Career Breaks, Broken ATS Systems, and Alumni

Lots of remarkable people – some of the very best talent – take a career break. But they still need help coming back. Here’s why we wrote a book to help them. Increasingly, people are […]


Alumna, Alum-me-not… Alumni and Belonging

I’m useless at clubs. Here are just a few of the things I’ve failed to stick at: Majorettes. Girl Guides and Scouts. Hockey Club. Church. Book group. Ante-natal classes. Something in me bristles at the […]


Heads Up, HR: Are You Ready for the New Talent Economy?

HR has started to shift its focus toward the entire workforce, including their alumni. As the trends resulting from the fourth industrial revolution converge with the highly diverse global talent economy

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Want to Boost Your Recruiting ROI by 6X? Start an Alumni Network

Listen to James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni and Mason Mitchell of Smart Recruiters discuss how an Alumni Program can increase the ROI of recruiting efforts by 6x View the article on SmartRecruiters Have you ever left a […]