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IDC Research: The Business Impact of Corporate Alumni Networks

Organizations are prioritizing corporate alumni networks. IDC’s recent research report on the Business Impact of Corporate Alumni Networks sets out how companies are urgently realizing that maintaining a lifelong relationship with departing employees delivers competitive […]

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How Alumni Can Help Uncover The Value Of Contingent Workers

With the growth of the gig economy and contingent workforce – propelled in part by the pandemic – talent now comes in many forms. Organizations have to recreate their workforce to include contingent workers alongside […]

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Community, Culture & Customer Success

I’m excited to be joining EnterpriseAlumni, and even more so to begin helping our customers make meaningful impacts in launching, maintaining, and enhancing their alumni communities. This is an exciting time of growth not only […]

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Employees To Alumni: How To Transform Offboarding Into Future Opportunities For The Business

A professionally structured offboarding process – that includes welcoming departing employees to your alumni network – is a highly efficient way to manage talent, encourage future collaboration, and generate long-term value for the company. It […]

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4 Ways Corporate Alumni Programs Can Supercharge Talent & Employment Branding

The concept of a lifelong connection between employer and employee takes a slightly different angle in business these days. Instead of being an indicator of continued employment, it now signals a lifetime relationship that both […]

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Why Alumni Management Software Can Supercharge Culture and Productivity

Alumni management software can be a sound, long-term, strategic investment for HR teams everywhere. Boomerang employees, or individuals who’ve previously worked for an organization, are a valuable yet largely under-tapped talent pool.  Those corporates that […]

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How To Boost Retention In Your Corporate Alumni Program

You’ve got C-Suite buy-in, invested in an alumni platform, and invited former and current employees to join the program. Excellent! As the Community Manager, you’re now warmed up for the real leg work: to ensure […]

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How to Create Online Community Engagement

What would it feel like to lead a community where members engaged without any effort on your part? Where each day, members posted hundreds of questions, stories, and self-organized events, and others responded within minutes […]


Alumni Engagement: Moving From Virtual Events To Virtual Experiences

Technology is enabling virtual events, but how can you blend the physical with digital to really capture your community’s imagination? To really make your mark and stand out from the crowd you’ll need to invest […]


3 ways to accelerate your company’s speed to skill

And yes, one is alumni: hire boomerangs! Lots of ink has been spilled about the shortage of digital talent and how companies have to reengineer their recruitment and learning programs to attract and retrain staff […]

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Salesforce Alumni
Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: The Salesforce Alumni Story: The Power of Alumni Engagement, Networking, and Connection

Speak to any business community manager, and the conversation will inevitably touch on something they’re doing within the Salesforce environment. There’s crossover in how businesses use the CRM to understand and build an engaged community.  […]