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Alumni Research: The (ROI) Value Of An Alumni Program

The 2019 Alumni Research report presents the statistics, ROI and values of an Alumni program to organizations across three core pillars: Organizational, Recruiting & Sales. Combined with a well crafted Alumni Strategy it reflects the […]

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Growth-Hacking Alumni Scale & Engagement: Leveraging Employees

James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelists Caren Scoropanos, National Director of Marketing for Alumni and Cause Marketing at KPMG and Becki Cedrone, Director, Alumni & Community Marketing […]

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Employee Experience Doesn’t End At The Exit Interview

Deloitte preaches it. Nestle proves it. Former employees want it. The answer: What is a post employee experience? The data is unanimous. Companies that invest in lifelong relationships outperform those that don’t. The most compelling […]

Alumni Webinar

Crafting An Alumni Strategy: In trying to serve everyone, you end up serving no one.

James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar on the importance of an Alumni Strategy with panelists Duncan Roberts, the Senior Alumni Relations Manager at Pearson, and Emma Kennedy the Business […]

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Alumni Platform: Measuring Success?

What actually constitutes the success of an Alumni Platform? Is it the number of Alumni in your network, the number of visits, the re-engagement, the boomerang hires….. or none of the above? Success of an […]

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Why Most College / University Alumni Programs Fail

The fundamental failure of Alumni programs (Corporate & Higher Ed) is they rarely started by asking “how can we serve our Alumni?” Worse still, they rarely engage with and interview their outliers.

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How Leveraging Alumni Networks Can Drive The Bottom Line

A recent study by Worksome in the UK revealed the importance of locating the right part-time staff with the right skills. The study showed that nearly two thirds (62%) of business directors know that freelancers […]

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Heads Up, HR: Are You Ready for the New Talent Economy?

HR has started to shift its focus toward the entire workforce, including their alumni. As the trends resulting from the fourth industrial revolution converge with the highly diverse global talent economy


Alumni and Corporate Communications: Partners Protecting and Defending Your Reputation

Alumni Communications are often overlooked and undervalued when considering corporate reputation. Scott McKenzie, from Montfort Communications, explores the value of building stronger relationships with your former employees. I’m in my attic wading through old paperwork […]


Company Alumni Program: Success Starts With Empathy.

The delivery of a successful Alumni network starts and ends with empathy; Asking yourself and your community “what is true value and how can we deliver it?”

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Alumni Leadership Series: The Importance Of An Alumni Strategy

The importance of an Alumni Strategy as a competitive differentiator between a good and great Corporate Alumni program. Our panelists, discuss the key to driving Alumni Engagement and how other companies approach and engage their […]