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Ukraine Business Consortium: Ian King, Sky News & Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO at EnterpriseAlumni

Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO of EnterpriseAlumni joins Ian King on Sky News to discuss the partnership with RefuAid and many prominent UK companies to provide opportunities for refugees. More than 10 million people have been […]

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6 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Alumni Network Platform For Your Business

Establishing a corporate alumni network is proven to be a highly effective way to enhance organizational capabilities. This includes employee recruitment, workforce flexibility, knowledge retention, and organizational culture.  A corporate alumni network is also a […]

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Why Ukrainians Need UK Business to Step Up Refugee Support

By Emma Sinclair via ERP Today My father’s side of the family came to the UK from Ukraine. When they arrived in east London more than a century ago, fleeing persecution and pogroms, there were […]

Corporate Alumni

How To Expand and Leverage Your Corporate Alumni Referral Network

Your corporate alumni network is a powerful tool for your business – it’s simply a case of unleashing its potential. As a community manager, part of your job is to expand and leverage the organization’s […]

Corporate Alumni

5 Reasons Your Clients Celebrate When You Rehire Laid-Off Employees

Rehiring laid off employees can have many benefits for your business; benefits that influence how your customers feel about your brand and their willingness to engage with it.  We were reminded of this sentiment recently […]

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How Do Metrics & Sentiment Figure Into Alumni Engagement Programs?

Do you have a firm understanding of who your alumni are? Are you catering to their individual needs via your alumni engagement program, or are you sending the same information to everyone?  There are two […]

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How To Do A Sentiment Analysis Of Your Corporate Alumni Network

How do your corporate alumni feel about your engagement platforms and alumni network in general? Do you know? If not, it might be time to carry out an alumni sentiment analysis. In essence, ‘sentiment’ refers […]

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How to Create Online Community Engagement

What would it feel like to lead a community where members engaged without any effort on your part? Where each day, members posted hundreds of questions, stories, and self-organized events, and others responded within minutes […]


Alumni Engagement: Moving From Virtual Events To Virtual Experiences

Technology is enabling virtual events, but how can you blend the physical with digital to really capture your community’s imagination? To really make your mark and stand out from the crowd you’ll need to invest […]


3 ways to accelerate your company’s speed to skill

And yes, one is alumni: hire boomerangs! Lots of ink has been spilled about the shortage of digital talent and how companies have to reengineer their recruitment and learning programs to attract and retrain staff […]

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Alumni Leaders Podcast

Webinar Recap: “The First 90 Days” With BlackRock Alumni

Thank you to our guest speakers: Jillian Caffrey, Alumni Network Manager at BlackRock joining hosts Phil Sanford, VP of Customer Success and Emma Sinclair MBE, CEO at EnterpriseAlumni. Five Things We Learned About Starting Your […]