Alumni Research: The (ROI) Value Of An Alumni Program

Alumni Research: The (ROI) Value Of An Alumni Program

The 2019 Alumni Research report presents the value of an Alumni program to organizations across three core pillars: Organizational, Recruiting & Sales.

The 2020 Alumni Research report presents the statistics, ROI and values of an Alumni program to organizations across three core pillars: Organizational, Recruiting & Sales. Combined with a well crafted Alumni Strategy it reflects the opportunities for an Alumni program to impact the bottom line in both revenue and savings.

For customers exploring the value of a corporate alumni program and looking to build a business case, it is important to identify how an Alumni program can align to achieving business or functional objectives and where other companies have seen areas of opportunity.

The Alumni KPI workbook that is built alongside our customers strategy enables bench marking of your current organizational state and the delivery of the goals and expectations by which success can be measured.

The results and impact of an Alumni program mature as your organizational program matures both in size, scope and awareness inside the organization. The KPI tracked at launch differ from those tracked 6/12/18 months in.

What Is The Value Of An Alumni Program?

  1. 98% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of Alumni Program

  2. Companies with an engaged Alumni Community see

    • 2.8x increase in Revenue per Employee
    • 4.5x increase in Product Innovation
    • 6x increase in Employer Attractiveness
  1. 44% of net new business includes an Alumni

  2. Alumni deliver a 10% increase in brand sentiment

  3. Alumni brand advocates are 5x the value compared to an average customer

  4. Companies can see saving in excess of $5m per year based on an increase in rehire rate.

  5. Companies that integrate Glassdoor into their site see a 4.5% increase in CEO approval ratings

  6. Boomerang hires see a 44% higher retention rate over 3 years

  7. 73% of Alumni are willing to engage in contract work

  8. 46% of Millennials would consider returning to a former employer

Companies with active Alumni Programs that measure success and understand the various value drivers that deliver an engaged community of former employers are actively seeing a rapid ROI and impacted their organization’s bottom line.

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