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June 13-14, 2024


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One place, one shared interest. Corporate Alumni networking is the new business must have. Don't miss the chance to talk alumni community building with the best in the industry.

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What are TheALUMS?

TheALUMS are an annual event dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements in the realm of corporate alumni management. As the pinnacle of recognition in the industry, TheALUMS Awards and Conference bring together thought leaders, innovators, and influencers to honor and explore the evolving landscape of alumni engagement.

What happens at the Conference?

It's an event taking place in the heart of New York City to blend a thought-provoking full-day conference, creating a unique platform for networking, knowledge exchange and celebration.

From best practices to panel discussion, from successful case studies to visions for the future of alumni programs and platforms, we create a forum for collaboration and inspiration.

Who is it for?

Alumni managers, alumni experts and the alumni-curious – all are welcome. Cultivating a trusted and relevant network is crucial for innovation and growing the value of your alumni network. TheALUMS brings together academics, innovators and decision makers who participate and contribute to the ever-growing field of corporate alumni management.

Conference presentation

Meet our Speakers and Panelists from 2023

Pippa Begg

Pippa Begg
Co-Chief Executive,
Board Intelligence

Paige Bobick

Paige Bobick
SVP Program Management Executive,
Bank of America
Paul Burley

Paul Burley
Alumni Network Program Executive, 
Bank of America

Air Commodore Adrian Burns
Head of People Operations,
Royal Air Force
Jillian Caffrey 2

Jillian Caffrey
Global Head of Alumni Relations, BlackRock
Dr Matt Call

Dr Matt Call
Assistant Professor,
Texas A&M University
Heidi Crowe

Heidi Crowe
Global Head of Alumni Relations,
Brunswick Group
Ali Dachner

Prof. Ali Dachner
Associate Professor,
John Carroll University
Cheryl Davidson

Cheryl Davidson
AVP Alumni Relations,
Northwell Health
Mike Ettling

Mike Ettling
Chief Executive,

Dr Patti Fletcher

Dr Patti Fletcher
Chief Marketing Officer,
Owen Geddes

Owen Geddes
Chief Technical Officer,
john hill

John Hill

Michael Kissman

Michael Kissman
Head of Colleague Communications,
Marks & Spencer
Dani Lindley

Dani Lindley
Director of Comms, Marketing & Collaboration,
Erin Makarius

Prof. Erin Makarius
Associate Professor,
The University of Akron
Richard Morrogh

Richard Morrogh



Nicole Petrie

Nicole Petrie
CMO & Business Development Officer,
Schulte Roth & Zabel
Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair
Chief Executive,



Sally L Thomson

Sally Thomson
VP Talent, Learning and Performance,
Activision Blizzard

Schedule and Agenda 2023

This was the full day itinerary for our global conference held in New York City. All our panelists and speakers have been handpicked with care to bring you the very best and latest in alumni thought leadership. 


Josie Cox

Host and Moderator: Josie Cox
Journalist, Editor and Broadcaster



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Business Intelligence



Arrival & Tea/Coffee

9.30 - 9.50

Emma Sinclair MBE, EnterpriseAlumni

9.50 - 10.35

Panel: The Networking Trinity: Friends, Colleagues, Alumni
What are the true benefits of maintaining old connections? We discuss the real distances alumni can take you in building a network of influence.

10.35 - 10.45

Alumni Network Mini Case Study

10.45 - 11.05

Presentation: Building Community 

11.05 - 11.20

Coffee Break

11.20 - 12.05

Panel: The Truly Personal Nature of Corporate Networking
Your people are the key to your success. Learn the ins and outs of keeping up an engaging alumni community, and master professional relationships.

12.05 - 12.25

Presentation: Data and the Importance of Measurable Outcomes

12.25 - 13.25


13.25 - 13.35

Alumni Network Mini Case Study

13.35 - 13.55

Presentation: The Importance of People

13.55 - 14.40

Panel: Not in the News: Recruitment Trends You Need to Know About
Recruiting isn’t as easy as it once was, and you need to work harder to make sure you’re hiring top talent for your business. Don’t miss this revolutionary discussion with key researchers in the recruitment field.

14.40 - 14.50

Alumni Network Mini Case Study

14.50 - 15.05

Coffee Break

15.05 - 15.25

Presentation: Designing and Evaluating Corporate Alumni Networks for Success

15.25 - 16.10

Panel: Networks to Value: The Data Driven Dividends of Corporate Alumni
Yes, alumni networks offer your business a strategic advantage over your competitors, and yes, this can be proven. Discover how you can build commercial connectivity with your company's ex-employees.

16.10 - 16.30

Presentation: The role of AI in HR and Alumni

Closing remarks

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Conference Venue

One Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY 10017


Awards Venue

The Times Square EDITION Hotel, 701 7th Ave, New York, NY 10036