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We know that alumni and referrals are the #1 and #3 sources of quality hires. Our recruitment tools let you tap into boomerang hires and their contacts, saving you money on recruitment costs and guaranteeing you quality candidates.


Personalized Recommendations

Our recommendations engine is designed to make it easy for alumni to find the roles that best match their skills and experience. Our one-click apply option ensures they aren’t lost during the application process.

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Rich Applicant Information

View an applicant’s LinkedIn profile within the platform, customize the registration form to suit your business and search over 80 default fields to find the perfect candidate.

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Recruitment Made Easy

The EnterpriseAlumni platform has been designed to seamlessly interact with your other systems. This includes our unique LinkedIn integration.

Get an idea of the value that an alumni offers you with our online calculator.

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Build new revenue streams, save on recruitment and enhance your employer brand, all through the power of alumni.