Fueling Talent Ecosystems with Corporate Alumni Networks

Fueling Talent Ecosystems with Corporate Alumni Networks

Discover how corporate alumni networks are transforming talent acquisition and boosting business growth, as revealed in The Josh Bersin Company's latest research.

 In an era where the global job market is as volatile as ever, the latest research by The Josh Bersin Company sheds light on a transformative approach to talent acquisition and management—one that places a spotlight on the untapped potential of corporate alumni networks.
The research highlights a staggering 74% of companies struggling to recruit effectively, underlining a crisis in talent acquisition amid an evolving workforce landscape. Remarkably, one in five workers who left their jobs since the pandemic's onset has "boomeranged" back to their former employer, indicating a shift towards recognizing the value of familiar talent. Boomerang hires now account for nearly 30% of all external hires over the past three years, showcasing their increasing importance in the talent ecosystem.
Key statistics reveal that a single alumni brand advocate can wield up to five times more influence than the average customer, and companies with engaged alumni witness a sixfold increase in employer attractiveness. Furthermore, investments in brand development significantly differentiate successful organizations in competitive talent markets.
A single alumni brand advocate can be up to five times more influential than the average customer.
The Bersin study emphasizes that alumni and their referrals have become pivotal sources of quality hires, contributing to nearly 30% of all external hires since 2019. Boomerang hires not only show a 44% higher retention rate over the first three years compared to new hires but also generate up to $1.25 million in cost-of-hire savings for every 1% increase in alumni rehire rates.
Organizations with actively engaged alumni communities experience an average 2.8 times increase in revenue per employee and a nearly 4.5 times boost in product innovation. Implementing an alumni network platform has been shown to increase the likelihood of alumni recommending a company’s products or services by an average of 16%.
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Through detailed case studies, including a global bank that recruited 11% of its annual hires from alumni, the report illustrates the practical benefits of nurturing connections with former employees. These case studies underscore the long-term value of inclusive alumni networks, which welcome anyone affiliated with the organization and foster ongoing engagement through events, newsletters, and professional development opportunities.
As 98% of Fortune 500 companies are integrating alumni into their talent ecosystem, it’s clear that leading companies are recognizing the significance of this previously untapped pool. The insights from The Josh Bersin Company's research underscore the necessity of a new mindset in meeting today's job market demands, moving beyond traditional sourcing methods to embrace the strategic potential of the alumni workforce.
To delve deeper into how your organization can leverage this innovative approach to enhance your employer brand, talent acquisition, and business development, download the full report by The Josh Bersin Company. Discover how to build a robust, engaged alumni network that not only strengthens your talent pipeline but also drives significant business growth and innovation.

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