TheALUMS 2025

Become a part of our celebration of the incredible achievements made by organizations and individuals in engaging and activating their alumni networks!

As organizations realize the significant value their former employees have as ambassadors, advocates, customers or boomerang hires, EnterpriseAlumni wants to recognize the outstanding contributions made in this field.

Award Nominations

Nominations have closed foro 2024, but we are welcoming entries for TheALUMS 2025 from now on! If there is an organization, team or individual that you feel deserves special recognition for their outstanding contribution to our industry, then please fill out the form below.

We have twelve award categories and there’s no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted or categories that can be entered. All we ask is that you fill out a different form for each nomination.

Interested in joining us on the day? You can find the conference details and agenda here!

ALUMS nominations group

Award Categories

1. Alumni Program of the Year

Awarded to an organization who has shown us just how to do it.

2. Newcomer of the Year

Awarded to an organization/individual who have newly embraced the value of alumni.

3. Leading Lights

Awarded to individuals who are growing our understanding of alumni through knowledge, data and thought leadership.

4. Alumni Marketing Campaign of the Year

Awarded to an organization or individual with the most creative campaign of the year.

5. Executive Alumni Sponsorship Award

Awarded to an individual in a senior leadership position who has championed change through alumni inclusion.

6. Alumni Launch of the Year

Awarded to an organization/individual that kicked off with a bang!

7. Alumni Culture and Community Award

Awarded to an organization that exemplifies the best of its culture, in the community at large.

8. Alumni Engagement Award

Awarded to an organization/individual that has reached out and activated its alumni.

9. Alumni Perks, Treats & Goodies

Awarded to an organization that knows just how to spoil its alumni.

10. Alumni Branding Campaign Award

Awarded to an organization successfully stamping its own unique identity on their alumni program.

 11. Boomerang Campaign of the Year

Awarded to an organisation that’s successfully campaigned to bring back the best talent.

12. Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award

For an individual who has done more for Alumni in their life than the rest of us combined.

How does it work?


Announcement of nomination categories


Early Bird tickets go on sale

Conference details released 


General tickets go on sale


Nomination categories close

Category finalists announced


Winners announced live at EnterpriseAlumni Gala Dinner and Awards

Submit your Nomination for TheALUMS 2025 

Join us in celebrating the best in the industry. Fill out the form below to nominate an individual, team, or organisation to win.


Can I nominate more than one organisation, team or person?

Yes! However, you can only nominate one organisation or individual per category.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes! You are welcome to nominate yourself, your organisation, or someone on your team! Go ahead, toot your own horn.

Why do you need my email to submit a nomination or vote?

We require your email in order to track the number of times you have voted per category. You are able to vote once per person per category. We will not use your email for any other communications without your permission.

How are the winners chosen?

Once a nomination is submitted, the EnterpriseAlumni team will ensure we have all the information needed, before compiling a file for the judges. The judges will only receive all the nominations, once the nomination deadline has closed. The judges will shortlist the winners and EnterpriseAlumni will announce the shortlist in April 2025. Winners to be announced at a gala dinner and ceremony in New York City.

Where can I buy tickets for TheAlums?

Tickets are available for the conference, for the awards dinner, or as a combined full-day ticket. 

If you are an EnterpriseAlumni customer, please reach out directly to

Dates have not yet been announced for 2025.

Where is it taking place?

TheALUMS Conference and dinner will be taking place in New York City.

What's happening at the conference?

Details of the conference agenda, including speakers and session titles, can be found by visiting the Conference Schedule and Agenda