The EnterpriseAlumni platform was built to unlock the value between your business and your company alumni. We do this by providing you with the tools to deepen the relationship and create an engaged audience of alumni who want to actively support your organization. We turn alumni into brand advocates.


Enhanced Engagement

Groups, lists and a personalized feed allows you to target your content to specific alumni based on their unique data, improving their experience of the network and increasing engagement. You can target individuals based on their current and past employment data as well as their interactions within the network.

Networking Image - Alumni Benefit

Targeted Messaging

We know the important role that alumni play in building your business’s reputation. Our platform allows former employees to opt-in to receiving communications from you, giving you direct access to an audience receptive to the brand message you want to broadcast. You can also reach them directly through our content and events management tools.

Targeted messaging

Alumni Offers

We know that perks go a big way to building a relationship with your alumni. Our marketplace allows you to offer things such as promotional materials, continued education programs or even referral fees. Offering alumni some of the same incentives that they received from you as an employee can be the key to converting them into brand ambassadors.


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