HR Predictions for 2022 | Josh Bersin

HR Predictions for 2022 | Josh Bersin

Discover the latest HR predictions for 2022 from industry expert Josh Bersin, and learn how to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of HR.

In the recently published HR Predictions for 2022, Josh and team outline 15 trends major trends HR leaders and professionals should be aware of as we venture into 2022. From labor force constraints to employee experience to the convergence of acquisition and internal mobility, it is clear that a rich alumni community – and the data that comes with it – is paramount to any organization’s success in this new work-world.

“There are hundreds of data-driven questions to answer in HR... I believe the next big step is for people analytics to become part of the company’s entire business analytics function.“

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HR Predictions for 2022: Insights From The Report

  1. The economy will grow—with a constrained labor force.

  2. Hybrid work will evolve: enter the metaverse.

  3. Learning, skills, and career pathways will become business critical.

  4. Coaching will develop PowerSkills in everyone.

  5. Talent acquisition and internal mobility will converge.

  6. Every company will need a talent marketplace platform.

  7. Talent intelligence and skills taxonomy will become the cornerstone of your people strategy.

  8. The intense focus on employee experience will become mainstream.

  9. Diversity will be reframed as “belonging, equity, and inclusion.

  10. Pay and rewards will get a serious refresh.

  11. Sustainability and global climate change will become HR priorities.

  12. Companies will need to rearchitect their HR technology.

  13. The people analytics crusade will touch on every aspect of your business.

  14. Building HR skills and capabilities will be a nonnegotiable.

  15. The CHRO role will be integral to organizational success.

Wrapping Up

“Let me summarize with this. The last two years have taught us a lot. Our organizations are more flexible, more empathetic, and more digital than ever. This coming year will bring a challenging set of issues: a very competitive labor market, inflation and supply chain disruptions, and a highly empowered workforce. HR leaders are in the driver’s seat. We hope these predictions give you the insights and perspective to keep your team and strategies current in the year ahead. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your organization’s people strategies.” – Josh Bersin


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