Unlocking talent opportunities within your alumni network

Whether it’s finding the best staff for your business or someone else’s, an active alumni network allows you to maximise the value of your former employees


Engaging an alumni network

Building an alumni network can help ensure you have access to the best talent at the exact moment you need it. But that’s not all. Alumni networks have been proven to improve your employer brand and be a reliable source of new business. So whether you’re looking to hire more staff or grow the number of referrals to your company, an engaged alumni network is the key to unlocking the value of your former colleagues.

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Case Study

Enterprise Alumni works with many companies who know the value their alumni can bring to the business. One client came to us because they recognised that many of their alumni were now potential clients. We helped them build a network that was designed for business development and encouraged their internal teams to promote the network. Within three months they’d had over 3,000 sign ups to the network and had more than recouped their initial investment.


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