Talent & HR Predictions 2020: Employee Experience

by Alumni Content in Alumni Research   |    Last Edited: 31st January 2020

Do An Architectural Review Of Your Recruiting Systems

Many of the older ATS systems are way out of gas and the new breed of solutions is amazing. The average large company has more than ten different recruiting tools (sourcing, assessment, candidate marketing, chatbots, candidate career marketplace, ATS, video interviewing, scheduling, process management, advertising management, alumni management, college interview management, and more). Remember, all this infrastructure helps with internal mobility too – so don’t be afraid to gear up here.

Global industry analyst Josh Bersin today announced the availability of his annual predictions report for the HR market. This year’s report, “The Year Ahead: Reinventing Work, Reinventing HR, and Reinventing Ourselves,” is designed to help HR and business leaders prioritize 2020 programs, investments, and resources. The report is available for complimentary download here.

Bersin sets the stage with an overview of economic, workforce, and business trends that are shaping the people agenda in organizations around the world. The report then details specific solutions HR and business leaders can prioritize to address the changing economy, workforce, and workplace.

“The number one focus for 2020 is to create a productive, meaningful, and supportive employee experience at work,” said Bersin. “This new focus has created a new operating model for HR, an enormous new set of HR tools and technologies, and an urgent need for trust, transparency, and ethics in the workplace.”

The report concludes with ten prescriptions for action in 2020. These include:

  • Create a powerful employee experience program.
  • Adjust and simplify job design and career models.
  • Turn people analytics into a full-fledged center of excellence.
  • Refocus self-directed learning to capability academies.
  • Create an innovation team to take a hard look at current HR technology.

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