The Business Case For An Alumni Program

Download to learn why corporate alumni are essential to your 2024 and beyond people strategy, from boomerang hires, to community engagement, and fast-tracked business development.


Just some of the topics we cover:

Insights, Learnings, and Best Practices From the World’s Most Successful Alumni Programs

Statistics in Support of Corporate Alumni Programs and Workplace Trends That Drive Alumni Programs

Why Do Alumni Have to Be Part of the Employee Experience?

The Proven Business Benefits of an Alumni Program

Benefits of an Alumni Platform

EnterpriseAlumni´s benefits

Access quality talent

Find talent with a track record you can trust because you already know them. Boomerang hire retention is 44% higher

Engage your alumni network

Easily communicate with all your former employees. Share company news, jobs & events. Build brand loyalty and increase referrals

Reduce recruitment costs

Save money on recruitment fees by tapping into an active talent pool who know they want to work for you

Build an alumni network to reduce hiring costs. Access a higher quality candidate pool.

Invite departing employees to engage in a community you own Increase referrals, brand advocates, talent pool and revenue

Alumni campaigns can drive a 4.5% increase in Glassdoor approval ratings

Former employees and referrals are the #1 & #3 quality sources of hires

The average stranger hiring failure rate is 46%

Create a thriving alumni community

Create a thriving alumni community

  • Over 450 software integrations
  • Talent pool creation
  • Actionable people analytics
  • Slick alumni on-boarding
  • Smart alumni segmentation
  • Cutting edge engagement tools

Why Alumni?

72% of past employees would return to the company if the opportunity arose

Boomerang hires have a 44% higher retention rate over three years

Businesses that actively engage their alumni increase net new business by up to 44%

"Using EnterpriseAlumni’s software makes it so much easier for all of us to stay connected. Our alumni enjoy having a user-friendly tool at their finger tips so they can easily access our latest content, receive event invitations, and find their former colleagues on the directory. 

On our end, we are able to save time thanks to some of the great insight tools available, including making the most of the all-important KPIs and keeping track of how our alumni are progressing in their careers."

Bianca Zinsheimer

Alumni Relations, Bird & Bird


A Higher Standard of Security



SOC2 Type 2

SOC2 Type 2

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Build an alumni network to reduce hiring costs. Tap into a higher quality candidate pool

Invite departing employees to engage in a community you own. Increase referrals, brand advocates, talent pool and revenue