Alumni and Workplace Happiness

by Community Admin in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 27th May 2019

This month, Engaging Works a company offers that happiness surveys and career development revealed that the average workplace happiness score for the global workplace is 653 out of 1000.

Their survey uncovered a number of interesting twists. 70% of millennials who are in employment reveal that they are determined to quit their current job and look for new pastures this year. Employers must recognise that a millennial’s tenure at their company is likely to be short so it’s important that have a rewarding time when there – AND a rewarding relationship once they leave and become alumni. And it’s important to have a system in place to ensure that with employee turnover, a platform exists to ensure a smooth transition from employee to alumni.

An alumni platform is one key way an organization can actively show employees and alumni that they value and recognize the relationship and want to maintain close and supportive ties well beyond the specific years the individual worked at their company. In addition, as an organization, the ability to maintain active, fresh data on your alumni long after they have departed is a valuable recruiting and sales tool.

Indeed many customers include both employees and alumni on their alumni management platforms. With lines blurring around employment and roles ranging from full time, part-time, contingent, contract, project-based or zero contract, an inclusive approach resonates. And of course when employees leave, offboarding them onto alumni and staying supportive and in touch is infinitely easier with a platform in place.

Where are the happiest employees? The United States tops the list at 719 whilst the UK ranks tenth globally when it comes to happiness in the workplace at 651. Austria (690), Spain (682), France (672) and Germany (675) float in between the two.

And by industry, the top five industries with the happiest employees include:

1. Real Estate and Lettings- 767

2. Business Management- 713

3. Legal Services- 710

4. Marketing and Advertising- 693

5. Fast Moving Consumer- 688

Whereas the top five industries with the unhappiest employees include:

1. Telecoms- 539

2. Aerospace and Defence- 600

3. Education- 604 and Energy- 604

4. Healthcare- 614

5. Retail- 622

Our customers span most sectors and geographies but share a few common goals. Ensuring their employee engagement strategy extends beyond just the time people work under their roof; communicating to both alumni and employees so know they are valuable and valued; and finally, their businesses measure, track and seek to improve the engagement and happiness of their employees. All of these will ultimately improve the productivity and overall success of their business – which is to everyone’s advantage and, of course, happiness.