An Alumni Platform Built for Today's Enterprise

An enterprise-grade alumni platform built for the modern corporation. No-code integration into your existing technology investments to enable real time synchronization, automation and business logic to hundreds of applications.

Seamless Integration & Business Logic

Our comprehensive integration builder allows for single click integrations into hundreds of applications to synchronize data, configure flexible and intelligent workflows and automate any business process.

No Integration, Integration

Our platform connectors enable no-code integrations requiring minimal to no resources to deploy. Our suite of integration templates can be used as is or modified to include workflow, rule based or business logic.

The Vision: The Future of Work is Now

Our customers are already ahead of their competition. Our vision includes more than traditional alumni platforms as we are always thinking how changes in business, technology, global security regulations, and the overall world of work will affect successful programs. Whether this is thinking about how our users will best engage with the platform or technologies to enable better access to the workforce – our vision is thinking about how to make tomorrow better.

Platform Partners: Delivering Your Alumni

We've partnered with the worlds leading HRIS systems to extend your existing technology investments to serve your alumni community. From single-click integration into the ATS, recommended careers and prioritization for regrettable losses. EnterpriseAlumni makes integration simple for the company and for the end user, making it easier to re-enter your workforce.

Hundreds of pre-built integrations, and a platform connector to rapidly integrate to new systems: