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The employee experience no longer ends at the exit interview. Engaging with Corporate Alumni enables organizations to expand talent pools, drive sales and promote and protect their brand.

EnterpriseAlumni enables organizations to Attract, Engage & Activate their Alumni Community.


Put our team and technology to work during the COVID-19 pandemic with the EnterpriseAlumni solution and resources to accelerate your talent communications and recovery.

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Why are the worlds leading organizations, leveraging our Alumni Talent Management platform to source and engage their former employees?

Open jobs filled
by Alumni Talent
Reduction in time
to fill positions
Reduction in time
to productivity
Former employees
ready to return

The Business Case For A Corporate Alumni Program:

EnterpriseAlumni enables large organizations to actively engage and harness the power of their corporate alumni and retiree community.

Our Alumni Talent Management platform enables organizations to access a qualified pool of former employees ready to return, reducing time-to-fill, increasing time-to-productivity and delivering a 6x boost to organizations recruiting ROI.

A Corporate Alumni Program is able to fill up to 20% of open requisitions with former employees better suited for the role.

Corporate Alumni Strategy

The missing piece of a successful alumni program is typically the absence of an appropriate strategy. We partner with our customers to help craft a robust strategy and provide the agility to adjust based on real-time insights and ever-evolving business objectives.

The Value of Business Alumni

The primary purpose of an alumni network is to Promote and Protect Your Brand. Only when you are present in the conversation with your alumni can you drive recruiting, business development, brand advocacy, and other business related outcomes associated with an engaging alumni community.

Enterprise Grade Alumni Platform

EnterpriseAlumni was developed on the premise of easy extensibility while offering seamless interoperability within our customers' ever-changing IT landscapes. We understand the enterprise, IT security, and one source of truth alongside the need to integrate with everything; ensuring our customers are able to leverage their alumni data to achieve desired business outcomes.

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