The Market Leading Corporate Alumni Platform

Leading organizations need fast moving, empathy driven technology that aligns with their business objectives and delivers rapid results.

The globally recognized experts in network leadership to deploy and engage your alumni community

Our world-class team understands that technology is only one component of project success. Onboarding alumni and activating a network can be challenging. We are here to help you and your members make the most out of our technology; a joint endeavour to build a successful alumni community. From best practices guidance to your acting shared services team at launch; from on-site quarterly reviews to ideation sessions, our processes are all expertly designed to ensure you have a partner, not a vendor.

An empathy driven approach to community engagement with agility at our core.

We know what alumni want and need in order to stay engaged. An alumni platform without an engagement strategy leads to stale data. An alumni platform solely focused on a transactional relationship between a former employer and current employee does not thrive. Alumni need and want a contextual and relevant experience with a modern and engaging experience across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. This in turn creates a rich, active and vibrant alumni community to support and stay in touch with your business.

A modern, fresh and engaging platform to drive adoption, usage and value to your alumni community.

We believe alumni deserve a brilliant user experience, cutting edge design and modern suite of tools to enable a simple and recognizable journey. Alumni need and deserve alumni software with a consumer-centric experience, reflecting on the experiences they have with technology in their everyday lives. Companies must proactively provide an aesthetically pleasing, practical, compelling and intelligent platform for their benefit of all parties.

Out of the box integrations with all the existing technologies your organization has invested in. Becoming one ecosystem.

Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives a company can invest in. Organizations can evolve and innovate faster when their applications, data, and devices are integrated. By unlocking data across legacy systems, cloud apps and any other systems or devices holding information, and connecting them all into a single ecosystem within EnterpriseAlumni, companies can make the best decisions, gain the most accurate insights and ensure their alumni have a relevant and engaging experience.

Technology is only half the solution! Customer driven workshops help you plan, launch and maintain an engaging program.

Launching an alumni program is the beginning, not the end, of the alumni platform journey. With a vast repository of experience, materials and documents to support your early thinking through to platform launch and beyond, we can help you shape your community. With your goals in mind – plus workshops and design thinking sessions – we can build a strategy to surprise, delight and engage your alumni and support your corporate goals.

Rapid release of functionality and a roadmap owned and prioritized by our customers.

As an agile company, we are constantly ideating and innovating around how best to improve and enhance our platform, your experience and the alumni journey. Our customers are an essential part of this evolution, actively participating in and sharing the ownership of our roadmap. We are able to translate your challenges, goals and aspirations into new features and functionality, constantly iterating our platform and enhancing our vision - driven by you.

Built for enterprise with global compliance, data sovereignty and military-grade security.

Whether it is delivering best in class user experience, architecture design or accessibility as standard; whether multi-territory compliance, security as a service with penetration testing, disaster recovery or escalation simulations and testing – we are an enterprise grade product adhering to the highest technical standards.

AI driven platform to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time.

Integrating with your existing technology investments or not, we are able to deliver the right experience to the right people to the right place and at the right time. Our AI driven platform is built to offer a completely personalized experience for your alumni which in turn delivers you insights and value to aid with recruitment, business development, cost savings, investor relations, CSR, brand advocacy and more.

Just Ask Our Customers

We deliver our customers more than just an alumni platform. We partner with them to develop and execute a strategy to engage and gain value from their alumni community. It is our commitment to delivering customers and their end users an award-winning platform that provides a rapid return on investment and happy, engaged alumni.