HR Technology Market 2020: Disruption Ahead

by Alumni Content in Alumni Research   |    Last Edited: 21st January 2020

Josh Bersin has been researching the HR technology market for more than 15 years. His research is based on surveys and hundreds of interviews with HR and talent leaders, vendors, investors, and other analysts.

In this years report, Josh Bersin highlighted EnterpriseAlumni as one of the leading Employee Experience Platforms organizations are leveraging:

The fourth major shift is the enormous focus and interest in the employee experience, a broad term that includes day-to-day work experiences, career expectations, employee-management relations, and HR requirements. To be sure, the phrase “employee experience” encompasses much more than the traditional definition of “employee engagement.”

The reason this is disruptive to HR technology is simple: It means we are shifting our thinking from processes and transactions to experiences and moments that matter. In other words, companies no longer just want to buy platforms that are easy to use. They want to buy platforms that can automate and simplify employee experiences, which means they are actually, case management, transaction management, and process management tools.

EnterpriseAlumni is a very important technology, specializing in unique experiences for employees. I believe more and more big companies are going to want to use these and similar systems.

Josh Bersin

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