Alumni Platform Features

EnterpriseAlumni delivers an innovative platform with functionality driven by our customers to  better manage and engage their Alumni community.

Personalized Dashboards

Every user deserves and requires a unique experience. In order to both be relevant and drive engagement when serving five generations of alumni, from the interns to the retirees, we deliver a contextual and personalized experience to alumni.

Our platform was designed to provide this unique experience and across all devices, to ensure each user sees only what is relevant to him or her.


Our analytics and reporting capabilities deliver real-time insight to help you understand your users, how they are engaging, and the most relevant activities and content driving value.

Funnel reporting allows our customers to identify outlier opportunities to better drive engagement and target specific habits and user segments.

Conversion reporting allows real-time viewing of site actions to align your users directly to business objectives such as recruiting, sharing content socially, or referring a business opportunity.


Our system was built to automate manual tasks and create automated workflows. We provide the ability to design sequences and journeys to automatically deliver a contextual experience to users.

These actions can be triggered on activities in your Alumni Platform as well as from other systems such as HR and CRM.


The real value of Alumni Recruiting is so much broader than simply targeting Alumni for rehire. We help drive referrals and empower your Alumni to start a conversation about returning to your organization.

Our recommendations engine is designed to make it easy for Alumni to find the right opportunity and even easier for an Alumni to return.

Our recruiter dashboard provides a suite of tools to enable insights and analysis into your Alumni population to increase invitations and referrals.


Events is so much more than Corporate Events. It is the ability for your Alumni to create their own events. It is the option to integrate with existing event management tools to pull together anything from webinars to global conferences with specific goals and well defined target audiences.

Our Events module makes it easy to create events with explicit audiences identified all in one simple, easy to use interface.


The EnterpriseAlumni messaging tool allows organizations to effortlessly build ‘mobile first’ emails and target separate and specific groups of people with appropriate and relevant content.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search capabilities allow you to find Alumni by city, state, or region. One of the many benefits of this tool is to help target the appropriate and accessible audience when planning events or considering staffing in specific locations.