UK reverses thresholds for promos to angel investors after backlash

Following a successful campaign spearheaded by CEO Emma Sinclair MBE

Published: March 7, 2024

On January 31, the UK government increased the annual income threshold that defines high net-worth individuals. You have to be a high net worth to receive investment opportunities in unlisted equities (so all start ups and scales ups) in the UK so the increase effectively reduced the number of women eligible to back businesses - and reduced the pool of people businesses can seek out to finance them. Now, just 2 months later, the government has reversed its decision.

In this article by the Financial Times, our CEO Emma Sinclair MBE said: 'the announcement showed that the government “listens and reacts”.'
'Sinclair, who had been campaigning for the reversal, said angel investors were “extremely important” and there were “very limited pools of capital for women”. She added that the original changes were “a terrible way to make people who might be thinking about investing not invest”.'

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