Alumni Relations: Make Your Program Opt-Out vs Opt-In

by Alumni Content in Corporate Alumni   |    Last Edited: 05th December 2017

Alumni Relations: Communicating To Employees

You are running your companies Alumni Relations program and you want to build a thriving Alumni community? Do you want to drive the value and culture of an Alumni community and embed Alumni Relations as a core pillar of your organization?

Of course, you do!

So make sure you communicate this to employees – that this is part of your ethos – before they join…. and ensure they sign up to be a part of your Alumni network on day one of employment to help it flourish and prosper.

Alumni Relations: Opt-In On Day One

Consider making the Alumni approval process part of the employee OnBoarding process. On day one, when the employee is gearing up to start work and completing paperwork, including signing up to the Alumni network. On that first day, when the employee is excited to join and begin or further their career, they can ingrain themselves in the best that your company has to offer.

This is a positive, early opportunity to involve and engage the employee whilst also setting the tone for your core values. Intelligent inclusivity.

Asking “would you like to join the Alumni community?” at this juncture not only ensures the conversion rate into your network is very high but also ensures that when employees depart, which they will eventually do, that they are automatically added to the Alumni community. Select profile data is transferred and no additional employee steps are required during off boarding or after they have left the organization. A future proofed, seamless and simple to integrate part of the recruitment and retirement process.

A move to ensure that employees join the Alumni community during on-boarding shifts your community to be one of ‘opt-out’ vs ‘opt-in’. It makes being part of the Alumni community an obvious and expected part of a career path and highlights the immense value you place to your Alumni community. This is the goal.

Alumni Relations: Give The User Choice

Of course, our platform includes settings such that should an employee not leave in peace or not be eligible to join the network, then these trigger during off-boarding and the Alumni invitation is held in a queue for manual review and/or not sent.

And for those companies who might not be quite ready for opt-in or whose systems do not allow the automated opt-in process during onboarding, many other ways such as an e-mail invitation or single click during off-boarding are available.

Establishing a seamless way to emphasize the importance of your Alumni platform should be at the heart of your HRIS roadmap but the tools exist to support every part of the journey to reaching a thriving, valuable and opt-in Alumni community for your company and your employees.