EnterpriseAlumni Support For Your COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Put our team and technology to work during the COVID-19 pandemic with the EnterpriseAlumni solution and resources to accelerate your talent communications and recovery.

The EnterpriseAlumni solution enables organizations to meet two immediate goals. Rapidly Find & Communicate with former employees or those put on leave, furlough or short labor and Identify & Source talent from this community.

Live in Days
Ability to capture and search data immediately

Managed Service
Our Dedicated team to operationalize the platform

Native Integrations
Seamless communication with existing tools

Organizations need a simple tool to effectively manage, engage and provide resources to their former or furloughed employees. In the recovery phase, companies will require fast re-scaling with talent that is quick to value.



Rapidly onboard former employees including those who have been put on leave, furlough or short labor and retirees. Collect critical data around current competencies, availability, and mobility to return to your organization.

  • Automatically find former employees of your organization (including retirees).
  • Provide a central site to deliver valuable information, training, resources and messaging in bulk or by segment.
  • Live in days fully supported by our Customer Success Teams.


Enable recruiters to rapidly identify available pools of people based on location, employment status, skill, competency, certification or any other dataset alongside eligibility and availability to return.

  • Deliver communications individually, in bulk or by groups via email, text or WhatsApp.
  • Zero Training: Single click reports to view and query data.
  • Optional seamless integration to your ATS and Careers Page.
Reduction in Time to Value
Reduction in Time to Fill
Source of Quality Hire


Over 10,000 former employees onboarded into the Alumni Platform including those recently furloughed.

PROBLEM: Organizations need a central platform to communicate with former employees and those on leave. Recruiters need rapid access to this talent pool, and the ability to query and communicate with this population.

SOLUTION: The TalentView module shows the entire Alumni Population. This can be searched and segmented with results added to a talent community; send messages (via Whatsapp, text or email) or distribute invitations to rapidly apply for or return to open positions.

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