Corporate Alumni Programs: Developing A Great Community Strategy That Actually Works

by Alumni Content    |    Last Edited: 16th November 2021

This webinar has now finished, a recording and summary will be provided shortly.

EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelist Richard Millington the founder of FeverBee and author of both ‘Buzzing Communities’ and ‘The Indispensable Community’.

Many teams that launch an Alumni Community and are tasked with engaging the organization’s former employees are starting an uphill battle, connecting with people who have voluntarily chosen to go elsewhere. It is incredibly difficult to maintain engagement when a majority of what a user needs or might want from your network can be found elsewhere.

You may be able to onboard former employees with the common bond of a working relationship at the organization, but it is certainly not what drives them back or drives them to be great advocates or great community citizens.

How do you convert your Alumni Community from a mailing list to an engaged and valuable community? A community where the Alumni serve each other in addition to the benefits it might drive your organization.

Most programs take a very cookie-cutter approach to engagement, they don’t recraft their strategies each year to either change what’s not working or better align to corporate objectives, they think about scalability before solving one problem for one person, they focus on controls to prevent criticism, they are not using data-driven programming to improve….and all of this is incredibly fair because many Alumni Leaders are tasked with running the network but are not experts in community management and to make it even harder the things that often count the most in a community are often hard to count.

This webinar is about taking a fresh look at where you are, where you need to be, and small adjustments to move the needle for your program and your community.

To quote some thoughts from our panelist:

– There are Community Managers so busy ‘doing the work’ they don’t realize their communities often aren’t making anywhere near the progress they should be making.

– They often fall far behind best practices, struggle to gain internal support, and disappoint members.

– Often they keep doing the same activities over and over again without any idea if a) they are the right activities and b) if they are actually working.

– If you haven’t made tremendous progress in the community in the past year, there’s probably a reason.

– A great community strategy isn’t written; it’s facilitated. You set up collaborative processes to educate and solicit the opinions of your stakeholders. You bring everyone on the journey with you.

If you can relate to the challenges associated with engaging your community, join this one hour webinar to learn how you can approach the problem from a new perspective, focusing on value identification and creation.

This webinar is a 45 minute panel discussion and a 15-minute Q&A.


Richard Millington, FeverBee

September 8th: Local Times :
Los Angeles: 8:00am
New York: 11:00am
London: 4:00pm
Frankfurt: 5:00pm
Cape Town: 6:00pm

This webinar is part of the EnterpriseAlumni Leadership Webinar Series that invites corporate alumni leaders and community thought leaders globally to come together to discuss strategy and value building for organizations engaging their Alumni communities.