Crafting An Alumni Strategy: In trying to serve everyone, you end up serving no one

by Community Admin    |    Last Edited: 25th April 2019

James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelists Duncan Roberts, the Senior Alumni Relations Manager at Pearson, and Emma Kennedy the Business Development Manager at RSM UK.

They will be discussing why defining a “purpose” of an Alumni network is critical and how understanding the different stakeholder values enables you to better align corporate goals with your diverse Alumni community.

James, Duncan, and Emma will discuss how to create an Alumni Strategy and why it is important to identify the purpose and outcomes organizations are seeking to achieve. They will also share thoughts on how to create a plan to achieve them and the methods to track them.

This webinar is part of the EnterpriseAlumni Leadership Webinar Series that invites corporate alumni leaders and community thought leaders globally to come together to discuss strategy and value building for organizations engaging their Alumni communities.


James Sinclair, EnterpriseAlumni
Duncan Roberts, Pearson
Emma Kennedy, RSM UK

March 26th: Local Times : Los Angeles: 7:00am
New York: 10:00am
London: 3:00pm
Frankfurt: 4:00pm
Cape Town: 5:00pm