Alumni Leadership Series: How An Alumni Program Enables Organizations To Rapidly Tap Into Qualified & Pre-Screened Talent

by Alumni Content    |    Last Edited: 16th November 2021

EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this one hour webinar with panelist Kathi Enderes on the rapid adoption and importance of organizations maintaining a relationship with their former employees via a Corporate Alumni Program.

Kathi is the Vice President of Research at the Josh Bersin Academy, leading and developing research-based insights for all areas of HR, Learning, Talent and HR Technology. Kathi has more than 20 years global experience from management consulting with IBM, PwC, and EY, and as a talent leader at McKesson and Kaiser Permanente.

An organizations ability to rapidly hire people is the practice that has the biggest financial impact (organizations able to rapidly hire are 4.4x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets and 6.5x more likely to adapt to change effectively, according to the recent pandemic response study of over 1,400 organizations). As businesses need to staff up rapidly, the power of alumni programs is unmatched as it opens a talent pool of qualified and pre-screened candidates that are readily accessible.

Returning employees are the No.1 source of hire, they stay longer, they are a known “good fit”, become productive quicker (time to value), and can fill positions (time to fill) in half the time. As organizations on average only hire 2% of the resumes received via a public job posting, the time, effort and cost of interviewing and processing strangers to your organization is now rapidly being replaced by hiring former employees (boomerangs).

As your Alumni continue their career, learn new skills and expand their network, maintaining a relationship enables organizations to tap into this vast talent pool for accelerated recruiting, access a candidate referral pool, drive D&I initiatives and shows that your company intends to have a relationship for life.

The discussion will focus on how Alumni can positively impact and accelerate an organizations recruitment strategy.

– What is an Alumni Program is and how they work
– Why the exit process for a departing employee must be as positive as the onboarding process
– How Alumni Programs can drive D&I and other organizational initiatives
– How former employees drive employer brand and drive qualified referrals
– The power, impact and financial benefits of hiring former employees
– Why maintaining a relationship with your people throughout their career is good for business


Kathi Enderes, Josh Bersin Academy

January 21st: Local Times :
Los Angeles: 8:00am
New York: 11:00am
London: 4:00pm
Frankfurt: 5:00pm
Cape Town: 6:00pm

This webinar is part of the EnterpriseAlumni Leadership Webinar Series that invites corporate alumni leaders and community thought leaders globally to come together to discuss strategy and value building for organizations engaging their Alumni communities.