Higher-Ed / University Alumni Program

Successful Alumni leaders across University / Higher-Ed organizations recognize they need to follow the paths organizations have taken to drive engagement and maintain a personal relationship with their alumni.

EnterpriseAlumni : Leading Higher-Ed / University Alumni Programs

Features & Functionality

A product roadmap driven by our customers and their Alumni to deliver a platform aligned to their business priorities. A modern, compelling and ever-changing suite of benefits to engage your diverse Alumni community combined with a set of next-generation admin tools to manage, engage and automate the journeys, experience and reporting on your platform.

Meaningful Experiences

Alumni success starts with recognizing that there are 5 generations of Alumni and each has a varying set of expectations. Every user and every interaction on the EnterpriseAlumni platform is contextual, ensuring an experience relevant to the likely interest and values of the user; driving a more impactful engagement in your Alumni community.

Outstanding Engagement

Intelligent automations, segment testing, funnel reporting, outlier breakdowns and conversion analysis are just some of the tools that allow our customers to understand what works, what needs to be iterated and better understand how to deliver the most impactful and valuable Alumni experience. Engagement starts with understanding.

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