Corporate Alumni For The Restaurant & Retail Industry

The largest talent pool ready to work....your Alumni

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Retail and restaurant chains around the world are leveraging their Alumni communities to drive recruitment efforts, increase brand positioning and create a new sales channel. What if when an employee leaves you change their status from employee to customer? Retailers always are looking for smart, hardworking individuals, and as the fight for talent within the retail industry competes with the uber+option of freelance on-demand work, it has never been more critical to build real relationships with your ex-employees.


6 Reasons Why Retail Companies Need An Alumni Program

  1. Stay in contact with prior years contingent or seasonal labor. They worked for you, they know your procedures, processes and quirks – this alumni population are ready to return and increase their time to value, time to productivity and most of all job suitability.
  2. Enable continued education and training to upskill your talent community. Offer Alumni continued training via your LMS or webinars, to stay current on their skills and potentially upskill them into new roles within your organization. The content and training already exists in your organization, sharing it with your Alumni builds a strong relationship and serves everyone.
  3. Maintain credentials, certifications and data to accelerate return to work programs. For organizations that require certifications or skill validation enable this to be saved, updated and accessed by recruiters shortening the time to hire and highlighting the eligible recruits.
  4. Access to a qualified labor pool ready to work on demand. Over 75% of Alumni indicate they are willing to work freelance for your organization and many customers are enabling Alumni to pick up shifts, act as on-call staff and in many instances can respond and be on site with little notice.
  5. Deliver a high volume sales & marketing channel. Your Alumni should still be your customers, delivering them a discount or promotions around birthdays builds strong brand affinity and creates a unique and engaged sales channel.
  6. Referrals, Community & Innovation Whether it is enabling your Alumni to easily refer colleagues to harnessing their collective power to support sustainability projects or simply asking them how you can become a better organization – tapping into this community can generate new insights and opportunities.

  EnterpriseAlumni is committed to delivering innovative solutions to provide a targeted pipe of qualified talent into your organization, starting with your Alumni. To see how a corporate alumni program might work for you, please reach out.     To quote from a recent article

you’ll be pleased to know retailers will add as many as 400,000 seasonal jobs in anticipation of the highest consumer spending rate in three years this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation.NRF projects November and December sales to go up 4.1 percent to $616.9 billion, marking the highest increase since 2011.Major retailers Macy’sWalmart and Kohl’s have all responded to the projection with increased hiring from last year, creating more than 200,000 jobs total in preparation for peak selling season. Gamestop has also increased its seasonal hires by 8,000 this year for a total 25,000 available positions while Walmart added only 5,000 jobs for a total 60,000 seasonal jobs available.