Partnering with EnterpriseAlumni

For HR / CRM software providers, SI's, Advisory Services and network of consultants, learn more about partnering with EnterpriseAlumni to deliver the most comprehensive Alumni Engagement platform to your customers.

The EnterpriseAlumni solution can be delivered as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the existing HCM and CRM stack.

Enjoy the extensive benefits of joining our partner ecosystem

For organizations with an existing partner relationship

Why Partner With EnterpriseAlumni?

Partners can choose the level of relationship and support provided by EnterpriseAlumni to customers. From simple referrals and introductions all the way to implementation, strategy and support services.

We Deliver Happy Customers

EnterpriseAlumni delivers the market-leading Alumni Engagement Platform providing the most comprehensive suite of features enabling organizations to build their Alumni Program as a profit not cost center.

Engaging with former employees is the new norm and your customers need this solution to remain competitive.

Quick to Onboard, Educate & Implement

EnterpriseAlumni delivers your team the assets, business case and documentation to rapidly understand the solution and rapidly onboard your sales and implementation teams.

The EnterpriseAlumni Partner Program ensures our organization is always on standby to support your customers, answer questions and where required interface directly with your customers.

Recurring & Consulting Revenues

A partnership with EnterpriseAlumni provides organizations with a number of options for revenue sharing. From referral agreements to partnership programs.

The three revenue opportunities include referral or recurring SaaS, Implementation, and Consulting/Advisory Services.

EnterpriseAlumni Partners receive access to the full digital sales, deployment, enablement and training platform to make learning and understanding the software simple and easy. Customer roll-outs are always supported by the EnterpriseAlumni Assurance Program to deliver your team live access to the people and resources required to deliver customer success.

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