Understanding Employee Experience: Alumni

by Community Admin in In The News
Published: 1st August 2018

The recent Bersin by Deloitte: Top Of Mind report recognizes “The Alumni relationship extends the employee experience for a lifetime” and highlights four key areas organizations must be considering:

  1. Why employee experience doesn’t end with an exit interview
  2. How mindsets around former employees are changing
  3. The benefits of alumni relationships for former employers
  4. The need to develop lifelong relationships with employees

The report also highlights the many hidden benefits of an Alumni program beyond just the boomerang hires and accessing this community as a valuable and cost-effective source of talent:

  1. Branding & Public Relations
  2. New Business
  3. Industry Insights
  4. Alumni referrals

In addition, it also recognizes the challenges many companies have with understanding whether they should welcome back former employees:

“Although many Alumni are open to returning to a former employer, some companies don’t appear to welcome them back.”


To read the full report please read the companion article, visit Bersin or contact the authors:

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