Release Update #308

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Published: 28th December 2016


Disclaimer: Release updates do not automatically update all customers’ Alumni solutions. Updates are rolled out in phases, to allow for feedback and iteration prior to global release. Please visit your Customer Success dashboard for more details.

Update #308 – Alumni Net Promoter Score Tracking (Brand Sentiment)

How do you measure brand sentiment after your employees leave the organization and continue their career? Can an Alumni Platform increase this brand sentiment?

Yes, it can. Increased affinity to your brand increases referrals of business and candidates – and supports evangelism and goodwill.

We have integrated the NPS method to quantify the brand sentiment of your Alumni and measure progression over time. It is one thing to talk about the values of an Alumni program that sit above the explicit value drivers we can track associated with recruiting, sales and business development but creating a tangible Alumni Net Promoter Score (NPS) facilitates a much deeper understanding of this sentiment and how it changes over time. Additionally and importantly, it also allows you to track how actions taken and interactions with Alumni throughout the year can impact this score.

We have completed the first release since testing of our Alumni Net Promoter Score tracking module and are excited to deploy it to those customers who choose to activate it.

(What is “Net Promoter Score” and why is it important? Read Here)

The Alumni Interface now enables the following:

  1. Allows the Alumni to set a benchmark NPS score during signup to the platform.
  2. Automated period of time or action taken within the platform based NPS survey screen within the application.
  3. Administrative ability to view and track NPS scores against individual Alumni – and consolidated for all Alumni over time.
  4. Trend mapping to show lifecycle NPS score changes over time since departure or alumni signup.
  5. Export the results into excel or pdf report.
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