Release Update #306

by Community Admin in Release Updates
Published: 16th September 2016


Disclaimer: Release updates do not automatically update all customers’ Alumni solutions. Updates are rolled out in phases to allow for feedback and iteration prior to global release. Please visit your Customer Success dashboard for more details.

Update #306 – Contextual Content & E-Mail Marketing

Diversity amongst Alumni by geography, sector, experience and interests means we needed to make it easy to engage and activate each and every Alumni to be part of their community. Part of this is ensuring all communication to Alumni is hyper relevant either to their role, region, career or interests and perhaps more importantly, content is not sent to Alumni that they have already read.

Our new update to the “While you were away” e-mail marketing platform allows widgets to be implemented into the newsletter template, to move from a 1-all email newsletter to a 1-1 more custom and relevant newsletter.

The widgets allow the following:

  1. Insert “careers” will show a job(s) that are similar to what the Alumni has previously searched for or viewed, or will be relevant to their location and skills using our match index detailed in Release Update #304.
  2. Insert “groups” will show a summary of content from the various groups they are a member of, highlighting content with the most traffic or interest that the user has not read, with a single click to interact.
  3. Insert “events” will deliver events in that user’s region across all global events published or directly via their group membership.
  4. Insert “deals” will show only deals accessible to the Alumni in their region.
  5. Insert “Community Leader” will allow the email to be signed by the local Alumni community manager in addition to the global leadership, with their contact information included.
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