Release Update #305

by Community Admin in Release Updates
Published: 1st August 2016

SAP Alumni Management by EnterpriseJungle

Disclaimer: Release updates do not automatically update all customers’ Alumni solutions. Updates are rolled out in phases to allow for feedback and iteration prior to global release. Please visit your Customer Success dashboard for more details.

Update #305 – Group Moderator Enhancement

One of the core missions of the Alumni Management platform is the low cost of ownership and ensuring the resources required to maintain a thriving and active community are limited. However a community requires content and in the early days, it therefore requires manufactured interactions and additions. No one wants to be the “first” so today we released a suite of enhancements to project groups to enable administrators to provide limited rights to group moderators:

Moderators can now:

  1. be internal or external to the company
  2. manage and curate content for their specific groups
  3. create events, polls and custom group specific deals
  4. insert group updates into the “While you were away” newsletter
  5. pin content to the “featured” section
  6. enable leaderboards
  7. queue social updates (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Xing)
  8. approve, remove or feature Alumni updates
  9. insert global company content


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