Release Update #304

by Community Admin in Release Updates
Published: 3rd June 2016

SAP Alumni Management by EnterpriseJungle

Disclaimer: Release updates do not automatically update all customers Alumni solutions. Updates are rolled out in phases to allow for feedback and iteration prior to global release. Please visit your Customer Success dashboard for more details.

Update #304 – Reduce Time To Fill

  1. Introducing Intelligent Alumni Recruitment to the administration console. View a listing of all your careers where there are specific high value matches within your Alumni community. Reverse recommendation engine to highlight those Alumni with the skills, experience and career trajectory to not only suit the requisition but also likely to be interested in it.
  2. On Hard To Fill requisitions, enable chat functionality when an Alumni candidate is looking at a critical position vacancy and has the skills, experience, career trajectory and prior employment performance to match the role. Live chat is pushed to the Alumni candidate and the recruiter to engage immediately.
  3. Provide Alumni with “I’m interested” function on jobs, to enable them to get in touch with a recruiter prior to completing an application and mark their interest to the position.
  4. Provide Alumni with “Refer” functionality on jobs, for quick sending with referral ID tracking of jobs to colleagues.
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