Moving Corporate Alumni Platform Provider and the Impact of “Lift & Shift”

by Community Admin in General
Published: 13th August 2016

Why are enterprises contacting us about moving their alumni program and platform? They are looking to move to a more unified, integrated and functional platform, future proofing the investment they make and finding the right tools to best optimize and harness the power of this vast and powerful community.

Whether customers are moving from a mailing list and excel spreadsheet, home grown websites, silo alumni website providers such as Conenza or Insala or any other offering on the market, the need to ensure the transition is flawless is paramount.

We believe that given you only have one chance to make a first impression, it should be a dazzling one. And that your Alumni, HR and other stakeholders should be as thrilled with the process as the end result. That’s why we built our Alumni solution.

Customers want native integration into their HR System of Record. They want to push and pull data into the Sales CRM, expose deals from procurement platforms, create workflows using automation builders for manual tasks, leverage intelligence functions to deliver Alumni insights, send content personalized emails… but most of all they want to serve their Alumni community with a mature, innovative and valuable product to deliver contextual and relevant information, content, deals, events and more.

The migration responsibility, contractual obligations including downtime and/or other service interference are, of course, the responsibility of the vendor. But despite where this burden lies, in the event of an issue, it’s on everybody’s head. We have therefore developed a failsafe process to allow the lift and shift of Alumni from whatever system is currently being used over to our platform with no interruption of service.

We are proud of our process driven approach to migrating from other vendor Alumni platforms to ours: Customer success is part of our DNA. And we look forward to showing you that!

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