Why Should You Care About Your Employee Alumni?

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Are you keeping employees engaged after they’ve left your organization? Or are you overlooking or undervaluing this critical aspect of the employee experience (EX)?  Savvy companies are waking up to the unique and tremendous value that their employee alumni have to offer — and they’re deploying programs and platforms to facilitate alumni networks.

Denise Lee Yohn recently wrote about this important topic for Forbes featuring insights and interviews with Pearson.

Some Key Highlights:

Employee alumni and company-managed alumni networks can deliver benefits to companies in the precise areas that are most valuable to businesses today:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Content Marketing & Social Media Engagement
  • Networking For Resources & Referrals
  • Culture-building

Insights From Pearson

Pearson’s global alumni network, which is implemented on an EnterpriseAlumni technology platform, hosts an alumni database, publishes a job board, gives access to Pearson’s research and content, distributes a monthly newsletter, and facilitates on- and offline engagement and connection between alumni and with existing employees. Vice President, Strategic Communications and Operations Brandy Dawson and Senior Manager, Strategic Communications and Operations Duncan Roberts shared with me their learnings on best practices for developing an alumni network.


  • Target Specific Segments Of Alumni
  • Involve Existing Employees
  • Measure & Track ROI


  • Don’t Worry About Helping Competitors
  • Don’t Underestimate The Time It Takes
  • Aim For “Progress Not Perfection”

In Summary

Alumni network programs and platforms tend to be most prevalent at companies staffed primarily by knowledge workers, such as consulting firms and media or research companies. But as Swiss-Swedish electric equipment and technology company ABBdemonstrates, they offer value for all types of organizations. ABB relies on its Alumni Club for re-hire opportunities and prospective employee referrals. Also alumni networks can be valuable to companies of all sizes, not only large enterprises. Persistent, a $500 million industrial and manufacturing software company based in India, has used its alumni association to help establish offices in new markets and identify potential leaders among former employees who have acquired desirable skills and knowledge during their time away.

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