SAP SuccessFactors: Why Partner With EnterpriseAlumni

by Community Admin in In The News   |    Last Edited: 20th April 2019

In an interview during HR conference Success Connect last week, Mark Brandau, Vice President of Solution Mangement of SAP SuccessFactors, talked about why SAP has chosen to partner with EnterpriseAlumni for Alumni Management, this crucial talent pool rapidly coming to the fore, in the fight for global talent.

Brandau noted that in today’s global market, where hiring is tough and finding good candidates is very challenging, companies need to better engage with potential candidates over the long term and cultivate deep relationships. Companies know that they need to nurture relationships with good potential candidates over months, even years before they actually become an employee.

When asked how companies can ensure a more comprehensive way to develop these early candidate relationships and build long-term relationships with potential candidates and whether this includes alumni management, Brandau said “spot on” and shared that SAP SuccessFactors chose to partner with EnterpriseAlumni for a comprehensive solution to this challenge, saying:

(we) have a partner application we actually use today at SAP internally and it is built on the SAP Cloud platform. It is through a partner called EnterpriseJungle … we refer to it as alumni management. Right now we are partnering with them – and we are really happy to do that.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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