SAP + Alumni + Qualtrics

by Community Admin in In The News   |    Last Edited: 29th October 2019

Combining SAP + Alumni + Qualtrics is delivering EntepriseAlumni customers the ability to continue tracking the sentiment and opportunities with their former employees from the exit interview well into their new role.

The world’s leading employers are increasingly moving towards a new approach to employee feedback that focuses effort and investment on the moments in an employee’s journey that are the most impactful, both for the employer, and the employee.

Karalyn Smith, Chief People Officer at Sephora talks about how it is important to make the ordinary moment count:

We’re turning HR on its head and thinking from the employee backward. If we believe that people make the difference in our company, then shouldn’t we start with the employee and engineer everything from there?

We listen first. To current employees, potential employees, and employees who’ve left us. What do they need? What do they want? Our job is to find those moments that matter in the employee experience journey and make them special.

With an intent to assist our customers in improving every aspect of the Employee Experience, EnterpriseAlumni now maintains native integration of Qualtrics into the platform to enable the measurement, understanding and segmenting of employees long after they have left the organization.

Companies are leveraging Qualtrics in EnterpriseAlumni in 3 core ways:

  • Exit interviews and onboarding into the new Alumni program, recognizing their sentiment and perspective as they “walk out the door”
  • Integrating with transaction events within the platform related to signup, support, recruiting, activities or other user or organizational action that can trigger based on the event a scenario or touchpoints.
  • Maintaining a single source of truth on sentiment data within Qualtrics (NPS)

Employee exit and alumni feedback programs empower HR leaders to understand the key drivers of attrition and identify the areas to focus on to keep their best people. Exit interview software allows you to move away from face-to-face interviews towards a more data-driven approach, collecting all your exit data and feedback on a single platform to be analyzed. As part of the Qualtrics Employee Experience Platform, our employee exit solutions offer enterprise-grade, real-time, and actionable employee insights with intelligent text and statistical analytics. It means you can listen to employees across the lifecycle, compare your organization to employee exit benchmarks and identify the right actions to build a loyal, engaged and productive workforce.

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