SAP – Alumni Management: Corporate Alumni Solution For SAP Customers

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Why SAP Customers Are Implementing A Corporate Alumni Solution

Former employees (Alumni) are the single largest talent pool of pre-qualified, pre-vetting and readily accessible talent for organizations. Hiring back Alumni (boomerangs) reduces the time to file, increases the time to productivity and returning employees stay on average 2 years longer.

Boomerang hires are the No1 Source Of Quality Hire (SHRM)

Organizations that rapidly and strategically hire needed talent are…

meet or exceed financial targets

satisfy and retain customers

adapt to change effectively

How EnterpriseAlumni delivers a seamless SAP – Alumni Relationship For Customers

EnterpriseAlumni delivers SAP Customers a simple SAP x Alumni Experience to rapidly extend their SAP footprint with native integrations and low-code integrations. The combination of SAP & Alumni Management delivers customers best of breed Alumni Management technology to engage their former employees alongside their existing SAP investments.

For existing SAP customers using S/4, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Jam, SAP Qualtrics, SAP C4C (CRM) or SAP OnPrem, EnterpriseAlumni provides out the box support and service delivery to ensure a seamless SAP – Alumni Management solution.

The SAP – Alumni Relationship is primarily focused on two lines of business HR (SAP SuccessFactors & SAP Fieldglass) and communications/experience (SAP Jam & Qualtrics)

9 SAP – Alumni Management Scenarios For Customers To Leverage:

  • SAP SuccessFactors: On/Off Boarding: When an employee leaves the organization under eligible circumstances a native integration to invite or auto enroll the user into the Alumni Platform with a single click performed by the manager or the end user.
  • SAP SuccessFactors: Recruiting & Talent Communities: Seamless integration into recruiting to enable internal recruiters to rapidly identify, communicate and manage Alumni via Talen communities, nurture lists and intelligent notifications.
  • SAP SuccessFactors: Information Sync: Enable recruiters or alumni admins to be able to see data such as scores, performance, Or other indicators to help segment the community.
  • SAP SuccessFactors: Ask HR: Enable Alumni to rapidly access historic data including pay slips, employment verification and functionality such as address updates, COBRA or other benefits questions.
  • SAP Successfactors: Learning Management: Enable employees to take their learning certifications or continue to access components of the SAP LMS with a specific SAP Alumni category to enable continued education for past employees,
  • SAP Jam: Content Automation: Leverage SAP Jam as a CMS for cross posting content directly into Jam and publishing in Alumni and vice versa. Using categories and content permissions for management and security.
  • SAP Jam: Community Management: Place certain Alumni users into a SAP Jam group and extend the group content, information and members directly into the Alumni Application.
  • SAP Qualtrics: NPS & Surveys: Extend your “Employee Experience Platform” to your former employees capturing feedback, NPS and other data points across the entire life cycle of your employees.
  • SAP Fieldglass: Contingent Labor Extension: For customers leveraging Fieldglass the extension enables Alumni Candidates to mark interest, apply and complete a workflow without leaving the Alumni Application, leading to an increase in conversions and talent pool.

Customers looking to understand how EnterpriseAlumni provides a seamless SAP – Alumni Relationship please contact us or reach out to your Account Executive.

SAP Employees & Partners please visit our Partner Page to learn more.

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